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#+TITLE: modi .emacs.d

NOTE: My emacs setup is tested to work only with emacs 24.5 and newer versions. If you are on older versions, I would recommend that you upgrade to the latest available stable version.

  • Using my emacs setup You can start using my emacs setup by following these steps:

  • =curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kaushalmodi/.emacs.d/master/git_force_update.csh >! git_force_update.csh && chmod 744 git_force_update.csh=. This script basically /git clones/ my config and all sub-modules that I rely on (mine + others).

  • =source git_force_update.csh ~/.emacs.d= if you want to download this config to =~/.emacs.d/= directory. /If the download location you specify already exists, a backup of it will be created first./

  • Edit the user-emacs-directory var in the just downloaded init.el IF needed BEFORE starting emacs using this config.

If you ran =source git_force_update.csh ~/.emacs.d= in Step 2 above, you will not need to change any variable. But if you did =source git_force_update.csh =, you will need to change the value of =user-emacs-directory= in =/init.el= to ==. 4. Start emacs as usual if you did not change the download location in Step 2. If you DID change the download location to ==, you will need to do =\emacs -Q -l /init.el=.

That’s it. The first start will take a couple of minutes as it auto-installs all packages in the =all-packages= list defined in the =init.el=.

  • Few notes

  • Few setup files have setup done as per my personal tastes and needs:

    • =setup-files/setup-misc.el=
    • =setup-files/setup-mode-line.el=
    • =setup-files/setup-registers.el=
  • If you want to change the default theme, font size, etc, you would want to edit =setup-files/setup-visual.el=

  • Any of the variables or global minor modes set in my config can be overridden in =setup-personal.el= which you need to create in the directory pointed by the variable =user-personal-directory=.

  • You can also choose to override certain variables in the very beginning of the =init.el= by customizing the variables in a =setup-var-overrides.el= file placed in =user-personal-directory=. You can refer to an example of this file [[https://github.com/kaushalmodi/.emacs.d/blob/master/personal/setup-var-overrides-EXAMPLE.el][here]]. During the first time setup, copy the =setup-var-overrides-EXAMPLE.el= file to =setup-var-overrides.el= in the same directory.

  • =setup-editing.el= has interesting elisp snippets that I created + borrowed over time for functions related to general editing.

  • Key points

  • Use of my minor mode =modi-mode= to enable my custom key-bindings. Doing so allows me to force override my bindings in all major and minor modes. If I ever need to try out the default emacs bindings, I can simply disable =modi-mode= by doing =M-x modi-mode=. /It is enabled globally by default./

  • Use of =use-package= in load all packages for faster load times.

  • Use of =bind-keys= allows me to review my custom bindings in a single buffer by doing =M-x describe-personal-keybindings=.

  • Certain packages will be loaded only if you have the associated applications installed.

    • =ag=
    • =ctags=
    • =global= (/gtags/)
    • =git=
    • =matlab=
    • =aspell= or =hunspell=
    • =ps2pdf=
    • =xelatex=
  • Feedback I am looking forward to suggestions, corrections.


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