Elegant theme for jsonresume

3 years after

Refined Theme

This is a fork from Kwan Theme by Nacho Coloma.

It's been refined - just a little bit!

  • Month names are in long form, e.g. "July" instead of "Jul".
  • The small clock icon and the duration have been removed.
  • If no references are specified, then the phrase "Available on request." is displayed.

Theme Preview

To develop your resume

To develop iteratively (either to modify the template, CSS or resume contents) to the following

$ git clone https://github.com/kenguest/jsonresume-theme-refined.git
$ cd jsonresume-theme-refined
$ npm install
$ grunt watch // watches for less file changes
$ ./serve.js [optional_resume_filename] // Do this in a separate terminal to run the server with the provided resume or a default one

Visit http://localhost:8888 to see the theme in action.

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