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Docker containers for PHP Censor with installed, configured source code and dependencies, configurable by envs config.yml. It has separated into two containers parts: web and worker for better scalability.

See worker and web to get information about using. Or you can use docker-compose file that is described below to run a whole stack.

Docker compose

How to use

Default way with postgresql database:

docker-compose up -d

Or if you want to use it with mysql(mariadb):

docker-compose -f docker-compose.mysql.yml -d

If you want to up more worker just use this command, when the phpcensor stack is already started(but you can do it on start):

docker-compose scale worker=4


Used docker-compose.yml v2.1, which requires:

  • Docker Engine v1.12+
  • Docker Compose v1.9+

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Container for PHPCensor CI system ...