Module Atom to keep your package.json up-to-date.

Atom Npm Outdated

Module Atom to keep your package.json up-to-date.


You can look for the package atom-npm-outdated in the Atom package manager or run the following command:

apm install atom-npm-outdated


Atom Npm Outdated will display an Linter message to the package outdated of your package.json.


And will auto-complete your packages version.


Available options

  • Display information: determine if you want to see an information message to the packages with the semver including the latest version but that also allow older version.

  • npmrc file: specify the default path to the .npmrc file (if your project includes one)

  • level: restrict warning message (and suggestion) to a specific prerelease version level

  • Use caret: write the ^ character to prefix the auto-completed package version