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React Starter Kit — isomorphic web app boilerplate (Node.js, Express, GraphQL, React.js, Babel, PostCSS, Webpack, Browsersync)

React Starter Kit — “isomorphic” web app boilerplate  

React Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development built on top of Node.js, Express, GraphQL and React, containing modern web development tools such as Webpack, Babel and Browsersync. Helping you to stay productive following the best practices. A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry.

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Getting Started


The master branch of React Starter Kit doesn’t include a Flux implementation or any other advanced integrations. Nevertheless, we have some integrations available to you in feature branches that you can use either as a reference or merge into your project:

You can see status of most reasonable merge combination as PRs labeled as TRACKING

If you think that any of these features should be on master, or vice versa, some features should removed from the master branch, please let us know. We love your feedback!



React Starter Kit

React Static Boilerplate

ASP.NET Core Starter Kit

App type Isomorphic (universal) Single-page application Single-page application
Language JavaScript (ES2015+, JSX) JavaScript (ES2015+, JSX) JavaScript (ES2015+, JSX)
Libraries React, History, Universal Router React, History, Redux React, History, Redux
Routes Imperative (functional) Declarative Declarative, cross-stack
Language JavaScript (ES2015+, JSX) n/a C#, F#
Libraries Node.js, Express, Sequelize,
n/a ASP.NET Core, EF Core,
ASP.NET Identity
SSR Yes n/a n/a
Data API GraphQL n/a Web API


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How to Contribute

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to this project. The best way to start is by checking our open issues, submit a new issues or feature request, participate in discussions, upvote or downvote the issues you like or dislike, send pull requests.

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Copyright © 2014-present Kriasoft, LLC. This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the LICENSE.txt file. The documentation to the project is licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Made with ♥ by Konstantin Tarkus (@koistya) and contributors

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package version
dev assets-webpack-plugin ^3.5.1
autoprefixer ^7.1.1
babel-cli ^6.24.1
babel-core ^6.25.0
babel-eslint ^7.2.3
babel-jest ^20.0.3
babel-loader ^7.1.1
babel-plugin-rewire ^1.1.0
babel-preset-env ^1.5.2
babel-preset-react ^6.24.1
babel-preset-react-optimize ^1.0.1
babel-preset-stage-2 ^6.24.1
babel-register ^6.24.1
babel-template ^6.25.0
babel-types ^6.25.0
browser-sync ^2.18.12
chokidar ^1.7.0
cross-env ^5.0.1
css-loader ^0.28.4
enzyme ^2.9.1
eslint ^3.19.0
eslint-config-airbnb ^15.0.1
eslint-config-prettier ^2.3.0
eslint-import-resolver-node ^0.3.1
eslint-loader ^1.8.0
eslint-plugin-css-modules ^2.7.1
eslint-plugin-flowtype ^2.34.1
eslint-plugin-import ^2.6.1
eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y ^5.0.3
eslint-plugin-prettier ^2.1.2
eslint-plugin-react ^7.0.1
file-loader ^0.11.2
front-matter ^2.1.2
glob ^7.1.2
husky ^0.14.1
identity-obj-proxy ^3.0.0
jest ^20.0.4
jest-codemods ^0.10.1
jscodeshift ^0.3.32
lint-staged ^4.0.0
markdown-it ^8.3.1
mkdirp ^0.5.1
null-loader ^0.1.1
opn-cli ^3.1.0
pixrem ^4.0.1
pleeease-filters ^4.0.0
postcss ^6.0.4
postcss-calc ^6.0.0
postcss-color-function ^4.0.0
postcss-custom-media ^6.0.0
postcss-custom-properties ^6.1.0
postcss-custom-selectors ^4.0.1
postcss-flexbugs-fixes ^3.0.0
postcss-import ^10.0.0
postcss-loader ^2.0.6
postcss-media-minmax ^3.0.0
postcss-nested ^2.0.2
postcss-nesting ^4.0.1
postcss-pseudoelements ^5.0.0
postcss-selector-matches ^3.0.1
postcss-selector-not ^3.0.1
prettier ^1.5.2
raw-loader ^0.5.1
react-deep-force-update ^2.0.1
react-error-overlay ^1.0.9
react-hot-loader ^3.0.0-beta.7
react-test-renderer ^15.6.1
rimraf ^2.6.1
sinon ^2.3.5
stylelint ^7.12.0
stylelint-config-standard ^16.0.0
stylelint-order ^0.5.0
svg-url-loader ^2.1.1
url-loader ^0.5.9
webpack ^3.0.0
webpack-bundle-analyzer ^2.8.2
webpack-dev-middleware ^1.11.0
webpack-hot-middleware ^2.18.0
webpack-node-externals ^1.6.0
babel-polyfill ^6.23.0
bluebird ^3.5.0
body-parser ^1.17.2
classnames ^2.2.5
cookie-parser ^1.4.3
core-js ^2.4.1
express ^4.15.3
express-graphql ^0.6.6
express-jwt ^5.3.0
graphql ^0.10.3
history ^4.6.3
isomorphic-style-loader ^3.0.0
jsonwebtoken ^7.4.1
node-fetch ^1.7.1
normalize.css ^7.0.0
passport ^0.3.2
passport-facebook ^2.1.1
pretty-error ^2.1.1
prop-types ^15.5.10
query-string ^4.3.4
react ^15.5.4
react-dom ^15.5.4
sequelize ^4.2.1
serialize-javascript ^1.3.0
source-map-support ^0.4.15
sqlite3 ^3.1.8
universal-router ^3.2.0
whatwg-fetch ^2.0.3


-   v0.5.1 zip tar
-   v0.5.0 zip tar
-   v0.4.1 zip tar
-   v0.4.0 zip tar
-   v0.3.3 zip tar
-   v0.3.2 zip tar
-   v0.3.1 zip tar
-   v0.3.0 zip tar