Modern terminal text editor for the rest of us.


Modern terminal text editor for the rest of us

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Table of Contents

Project Proposal

Kwiwk (kwk for short), will be a terminal text editor developed for Linux systems. It will take advantage of C++14 concepts, Boost C++ library, and ncurses. This editor will take inspirations from popular modern text editors such as Sublime Text, Visiual Sudio Code,

The proposed system shall: - load files when supplied via the command line
- load a folder when supplied via the command line
- load a blank file when no file/folder supplied
- display a help page when supplied the --help command
- save a modified file - save a modified file as a new file - load a file from a running system - create a new blank buffer from a running system - toggle a file pane which contains a listing of the current folder and open files. - preview a focused file in the file pane - select a focused file and load as a new tab - navigate to left tab - navigate to right tab - open a file fuzzy finder - preview a focused fuzzy finder file - provide a method to load customized functionality at run-time from a predefined directory - provide a method to reload custom run-time functionality - provide a command palette which allows users to search for functionality - include configured keyboard shortcuts in command palette - provide language specific configurations - provide syntax highlighting based on language specific configurations - use a language specific configuration based on file extension - toggle an integrated terminal - automatically update - support multple cursor opertations - support mouse interactions - move an open editor from the left editor to the right editor - move an open editor from the right editor to the left editor



Team Members

Role User Description
Team Lead Russley Shaw Manages and oversees development team. Creates, distributes, manages issues and velocity.
DevOps Aaron Joyce Responsible for development workflow and process. Uses Vagrant to make development environment setup easy; Cmake to make reliable compilation process
Developer Austin La
Developer Ian Clark
Developer [Reid Black]()
Developer Jeremy Daugherty


kwk [folder/files]



Note: the following are assuming you have the repo cloned and are using the root repo folder as your working directory

With Linux
# Create build directory
mkdir build
cd build

# Build the project
cmake ..

# Run kwiwk
With Vagrant

1) Install VirtualBox
2) Install Vagrant
3) Provision the VM.

vagrant up

4) SSH into VM

vagrant ssh 

5) Build using steps for Development On Linux
6) Type exit in the Vagrant session to return back to Windows.

With Docker

1) Download Docker - https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/
2) Build container

docker build . -t kwiwk

3) Run normal

docker run kwiwk

4) Run test

docker run kwiwk ./kwk_test

Coding Style

File Names

Header files:
- go in include/{project} folder
- have .hpp extension
Example: include/kwiwk/point2d.hpp

Source files:
- go in src folder
- have .cpp extension
Example: src/point2d.cpp

Header Implementations (such as templates)
- go in include/{project}/impl folder
- have .hpp extension
Example: include/kwiwk/impl/templated_point2d.hpp

Header Gaurds






// Example: include/kwiwk/point2d.hpp

// Example: include/kwiwk/impl/grid2d.hpp

// Example: include/kwiwk/tui/radio_button.hpp


// Use lower-case underscore
int my_int = 0;

// Use auto when applicable
for(auto& item: items)

// Use lower-case underscore with constants
const double pi = 3.14;

Braces & Indentation

// 4 space indent
// Javascript style braces

for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {

do {
} while(cond);


// Prefer explicit namespaces over global "using namespace ..."
// Good:
std::vector v;

// Bad: 
using namespace std;
vector v;

// Local "using namespace ..." statements are acceptable
void my_funct() {
    using namespace std::chrono_literals;
    auto day = 24h;


// Use lower-case underscore with first letter capitalized
class Class_name {

// Prefer visibility in order of public, protected, private
class Class_name {

// Public methods should be lower-case underscored
// Private methods should be lower-case underscored, prefixed by underscore
class My_class {
    int get_thing(const char &c) const;
    int _get_thing_privately(const char &c) const;

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