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High performance, minimalist Go web framework

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Feature Overview

  • Optimized HTTP router which smartly prioritize routes
  • Build robust and scalable RESTful APIs
  • Group APIs
  • Extensible middleware framework
  • Define middleware at root, group or route level
  • Data binding for JSON, XML and form payload
  • Handy functions to send variety of HTTP responses
  • Centralized HTTP error handling
  • Template rendering with any template engine
  • Define your format for the logger
  • Highly customizable
  • Automatic TLS via Let’s Encrypt
  • HTTP/2 support



Get Started

Support Us

  • :star: the project
  • Donate
  • :earth_americas: spread the word
  • Contribute to the project


Use issues for everything

  • For a small change, just send a PR.
  • For bigger changes open an issue for discussion before sending a PR.
  • PR should have:
    • Test case
    • Documentation
    • Example (If it makes sense)
  • You can also contribute by:
    • Reporting issues
    • Suggesting new features or enhancements
    • Improve/fix documentation




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