React Redux Universal (isomorphic) bundle

React Redux Universal (isomorphic) bundle

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Learning from isomorphic-flux-boilerplate but use Redux.


Demo site (iisnode):


$ npm uninstall -g babel #completely remove [email protected]
$ npm install -g nodemon webpack babel-cli node-inspector
$ npm install

edit ./config/sequelize/config.json

change dialect from “postgres” to “sqlite” if you want a simple start.

$ npm install sqlite3

npm run dev (wait until the terminal shows: “webpack: bundle is now VALID”.)

Press “Ctrl + h” to switch redux devtools

  • open
Build and run
  • Linux / Mac npm start

  • Windows (Git Bash) npm run prestart && NODE_ENV=production npm run win-start

Manual build

make build or make clean && make fast-build (clean up and rebuild all)


npm run debug

  • open
  • open


  • [x] based on React 0.14.*
  • [x] universal(isomorphic), supported JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and Sessions (levelDB)
  • [x] change flummox to redux
  • [x] [email protected]
  • [x] register (with recaptcha)
  • [x] log in
  • [x] Facebook sign in
  • [x] Google OAuth sign in
  • [x] restful API with JSON Web Tokens
  • [x] change password
  • [x] create posts
  • [x] modify posts
  • [x] delete posts
  • [x] i18n / language switcher
  • [x] Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese Conversion (New Tong Wen Tang)
  • [x] files/images uploader (dropzone)
  • [x] advertisement scripts support
  • [x] Google maps with HTML5 Geolocation
  • [x] Google maps with driving directions
  • [x] post list with infinite scroll (use requestAnimationFrame)
  • [x] post list with calendar
  • [x] serverside async data-fetching (great thanks to universal-redux-boilerplate)
  • [x] simple full text Search
  • [x] image slider
  • [x] admin pages (manage posts and users)
  • [x] nearby map (PostGIS)
  • [x] RSS Feed (Atom)
  • [x] sitemap
  • [x] Google Analytics
  • [x] social network share buttons

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