Roots is a starting WordPress theme made for developers based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap from Twitter.

Roots Theme

Roots is a starting WordPress theme made for developers that’s based on HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter.

Quick start

* Clone the git repo - git clone git:// - or download it * Read Theme Activation to understand everything that happens once you activate Roots


* HTML5 Boilerplate’s markup, style, and .htaccess * Bootstrap from Twitter * Clean URLs (no more /wp-content/) * All static theme assets are rewritten to the website root (/css/, /img/, and /js/) * Cleaner HTML output of navigation menus * Root relative URLs * Posts use the hNews microformat * wp_head has been cleaned up along with the output of enqueued styles and scripts * Robots.txt optimized for SEO * Multilingual ready (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Macedonian, Finnish, Danish, and Turkish)


Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. There are several ways you can help out: 1. Raising issues on GitHub 2. Sending pull requests for bug fixes or new features and improvements 3. Making the docs better 4. Replying to questions on the mailing list

Project information

* Source: * Web: * Docs: * Mailing list: * Twitter: @retlehs * Contributors:


Major components:

* HTML5 Boilerplate: The Unlicense * Modernizr: MIT/BSD license * jQuery: MIT/GPL license * Normalize.css: Public Domain * Bootstrap: Apache 2.0 license

Everything else:

The Unlicense (aka: public domain)

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Top Contributors

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