Status: Very experimental

Sawyer is an HTTP user agent for REST APIs. It is a spiritual compliment to the Ruby sawyer gem.

Use this to build clients for HTTP/JSON APIs that behave like the GitHub API.


type User struct {
  Login string `json:"login"`

class ApiError struct {
  Message string `json:"message"`

client := sawyer.NewFromString("https://api.github.com")

// the GitHub API prefers a vendor media type
client.Headers.Set("Accept", "application/vnd.github+json")

apierr := &ApiError{} // decoded from response body on non-20x responses
user := &User{}
req := client.NewRequest("user/21", apierr)
res := req.Get(user)

// get the user's repositories
apierr := &ApiError{}
repos := new([]Repository)
req := client.NewRequest(res.Hyperlink("repos", sawyer.M{"page": "2"}), apierr)
res := req.Get(repos)

// post a new user
mtype := mediatype.Parse("application/vnd.github+json")
apierr := &ApiError{}
userInput := &User{Login: "bob"}
userOutput := &User{}
req := client.NewRequest("users", apierr)
err := req.SetBody(mtype, userInput)
res := req.Post(userOutput)

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