A book about LÖVE, Games and Lua.

= LÖVE for Newbies

A book about LÖVE, Games and Lua. image:[link=“”] + View the rendered book with examples at[].

The collaborative book will be divided into three main units:

  1. A walkthrough to building a small prototype and introducing the user to the LÖVE framework,
  2. A more realistic revamp of the built prototype to create a “full” game, and lastly
  3. An area of examples and snippets containing best and known practices in game development.

The book s written using a generator called Asciidoctor. + Quick Reference:

We have extended the AsciiDoctor syntax with livecode blocks and block macros. There also are some other additions, you can use them like this:


livecode::test[] // <1>

livecode::test[name=test2] // <2>

[livecode,example] // <3> ++++ function love.draw() 255, 255, 0, 255 ) “fill”, 10, 10, 100, 100 ) end ++++

code_example::world1/05_better-steering/rotation[] // <4> code_example::world1/05_better-steering/rotation[exclude=“lib/,maps/”,include=”/*.lua,/*.txt”] // <5>[] // <6>[the graphics module] // <7>

<1> loads love2D-book-code/test directory <2> load love2D-book/code/test directory. It’s name is test2 so it doesn’t conflict with the first. <3> runs the code below it; has the name of “example” <4> shows all .lua files from the specified directory, except those in lib/ <5> shows all .lua and .txt files from the specified directory, except those in lib/ and maps/ <6> links to the wiki page for and formats the link accordingly <7> links to the wiki page for using the text the graphics

== Contributions === Prerequisites You will need ruby and bundler to be installed for rendering the book.

With ruby set up, you can install bundler like so:

[source,bash] $ gem install bundle

then install the dependencies:

[source,bash] $ bundle install

=== Rendering To render the ebook and pdf you can run

[source,bash] $ ./

but the preferred way to work on the project is by running Guard:

[source,bash] $ bundle exec guard

this will automatically render the HTML ebook as you change the files. You can use any LiveReload extension in a browser to have it automaically refresh as you modify the book.

=== Committing Whenever a significant portion of the book has changed and is ready for release, stage the files on master and run Make sure that book/code is at the correct revision and staged before releasing.

=== Style Guidelines * The three chapters are called Worlds and each section is a Level * At the end of every Level, remind the reader about what he has learned in this chapter * Use examples and concrete language wherever possible. * Programming is all about abstraction, and examples help make this a lighter and more enjoyable read * Make everything interesting to read about and motivate the reader to keep on learning * Be clear and direct when talking something new. Keep it simple, stupid! * Every Level ends with additional exercises that the reader can choose to try * Give “Pro Tips” and “Watch out!”-notices where fitting (Admonitions) * Use informal language and short text to show new content * Keep lines shorter than 125 characters (soft rule, better have a slightly longer line than wrap two words) * One sentence per line * If sentences need to be wrapped due to length, try to wrap at a comma to keep the source readable * Use the code repository for examples that readers may want to try out or modify, use inline livecode for minor changes and demos * Style lists with *, don’t end items with . * Use wiki block macros when discussing LÖVE functions and concepts ([print]+ ->[print]) * Use backticks when mentioning Lua values ("string" -> "string") * Link to sections you reference (+<<world1-2, last Level>>+ -> <>) * Show relevant portions of source code before livecode displays, use callouts (<1>) to discuss source code

Thank you for helping create this :)

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