:100: Project Euler's solutions and boilerplate.

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Project Euler (JavaScript) Build Status

This platform has got everything you need to start solving Project Euler's challenges right away.

You can use this to compare your solutions to mine's and you can also use this project as a boilerplate.

If you want to read problems offline you can take a look at problems.txt, which is a courtesy of another awesome project called EulerPy.

Getting Started

Please read the instructions below so you can get to know how everything works.


  1. Clone this repository

    $ git clone
  2. Run npm install to install project's dependencies
  3. If you want to use this as a boilerplate or a test platform you can delete every single file inside the solutions folder
  4. To run gulp tasks you will also need to install Gulp globally using npm install -g gulp

Writing Solutions

To write a solution for a problem you will need to:

  1. Create a file with the problem's number (for example: 1.js if you're solving the first one or 3.js if you are solving the third one)
  2. Write your code the way you want it
  3. Assign the final result to module.exports

I think it's very simple but if you still need an example please take a look at the 001.js file, which is inside the solutions folder.

Testing Solutions

If you don't want to lint your code and check for code-style related issues you can run gulp mocha, otherwise just run gulp test.

To check the last solution only you should run gulp testLast.

Other Configurations

You can also configure the linting rules using the files .jsrsc and .eslintrc.

Currently I'm also using a timeout of 60000ms for tests (because that's what Euler Project recommends) but you can change that on the gulpfile.js file. Just change 60000 to whatever you want.


Clone this, install gulp globally (npm install -g gulp) and run gulp mocha to check the solutions (name them with them problem's number) inside the solutions folder.

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