Scalafmt SBT plugin

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A SBT plugin for Scalafmt that

  • supports SBT 0.13 and 1.0.0-M5
  • supports Scalafmt 0.6 and 0.7
  • runs in-process
  • uses SBT's ivy2 for dependency resolution


In project/plugins.sbt,

addSbtPlugin("com.lucidchart" % "sbt-scalafmt" % "<version>")
// see the Maven badge above for the latest version

Then enable it in your projects



> scalafmt       # format compile sources
> test:scalafmt  # format test sources

If you want to ensure everything is formatted (e.g. as a CI step),

> scalafmt::test      # check compile sources
> test:scalafmt::test # check test sources

Additional configuration

By default, .scalafmt.conf is used for Scalafmt configuration. To choose another location

scalafmtConfig := (baseDirectory in ThisBuild).value / "other.scalafmt.conf"
// can be set per-project, per-configuration

To change the Scalafmt version,

scalafmtVersion := "0.7.0-RC1"
// can be set per-project

By default, Scalafmt runs before compiling. You can change that with

scalafmtOnCompile := false
// can be set per-project, per-configuration

ScalafmtCorePlugin defines most of the settings. ScalaPlugin applies them to the compile and test configurations. To apply them to additional configurations


Implementation details

Loading Scalafmt in a separate classloader allows sbt-scalafmt to work across sbt and Scalafmt versions, regardless of the Scala versions used.

Scalafmt artifacts are downloaded with a scalafmt Ivy configuration. The configuration is add to each project, so if you have a lot of projects, you may see update times increase a little. Fortunately, this is re-run infrequently.