The official LumApps Design System (LumX) for AngularJS and React applications

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LumApps Design System (LumX)

The first official LumApps Design System for AngularJS or React applications. LumX will help you design your applications faster and more easily. You will be able to use LumX with either the LumApps design styleguides or the Google Material Design specifications.

Quick start

To start to use LumX, you can either:

  • Install with Yarn/NPM:
yarn add @lumx/<angularjs|react>
# Or
npm install @lumx/<angularjs|react>
  • Download the latest release for AngularJS or React
  • Clone the repository: git clone

See examples for more information on how to use each bundle.


LumX's documentation is included in the "demo" directory. The demo/documentation site is built with Webpack and may be run locally. You can also find an online version of the demo and documentation site at

How to get help, contribute, or provide feedback

Please refer to our contributing guidelines.

Project installation

Yarn dependency manager is recommended to launch the project. Check out the official installation documentation if not installed. You will need Yarn to execute the automatic setup script as well as for publishing the package.

Install project dependencies

Note that @mdi/js is defined as devDependencies. This is a way to make dev server usage easier because @lumx/icons needs it.

For an automatic installation:

yarn setup

Or, if you don't have Yarn or want to manually proceeed to the setup:

yarn install && cd ./src/icons && yarn install && cd -
# Or
npm install && cd ./src/icons && npm install && cd -

To start development server

For AngularJS development server:

yarn start:angularjs
# Or
npm run start:angularjs

You can then open your browser to http://localhost:4000/ to access the demo and test site.

For React development server:

yarn start:react
# Or
npm run start:react

You can then open your browser to http://localhost:4001/ to access the demo and test site.

Project build

you can build LumX by using:

yarn build[:<all|angularjs|react]
# Or
npm run build:<all|angularjs|react>

This will produce the target build for either AngularJS or React.

How to run examples

In the dist/<angularjs|react> directory, run:

yarn install
# Or
npm install

This will install http-server, a simple HTTP server.

Then run:

yarn serve
# Or
npm run serve

Your browser should open automatically, otherwise, you can go to http://localhost:8080 for React example or http://localhost:8081 for AngularJS example. Then, click on the examples directory in the showing listing and you should land on the example page.

How to publish packages

First, be sure to be logged in NPM:

npm login

To publish the @lumx/<core|react|angularjs|icons> package:

npm run release:<core|react|angularjs|icons>:<major|minor|patch>

To publish these four packages:

npm run release:<major|minor|patch>

These commands will build the packages, increment the version number and publish to NPM.

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2019 LumApps. Code released under the MIT license.

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