Teeny sinatra api to expose user data to other applications.

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Greetings. Please investigate how this teeny Sinatra app works.


Use curl to request data from this endpoint

Set up instructions

Install Docker if you haven't.

Clone this repo and cd into it.

> docker-compose run web bundle install

> docker-compose run web rake db:create # create databases
> docker-compose run web rake db:migrate # create tables
> docker-compose run web rake db:seed # insert seed records

> docker-compose up --build # go to localhost:3000/api/users in your browser or `curl localhost:3000/api/users`

> docker-compose ls # to show current containers
> docker-compose down # to stop the container


> docker-compose run web rake db:migrate RACK_ENV=test # ensure your test database is set up
> docker-compose run web rspec


Find heroku dev auth details in LastPass

> heroku container:login
> heroku container:push web