Vim plugin for the CLI script 'ag'

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This is an adaptation of Ack.vim to use Ag instead. Ag can be used as a replacement for 99% of the uses of grep. This plugin will allow you to run ag from vim, and shows the results in a split window. This plugin is almost copy and pasted from mileszs' ack.vim plugin.



You have to install ag, of course.

Install with Homebrew:

brew install the_silver_searcher

Otherwise, you are on your own.

The Plugin

If you have Rake installed, you can just run: rake install.

Otherwise, the file ag.vim goes in ~/.vim/plugin, and the ag.txt file belongs in ~/.vim/doc. Be sure to run

:helptags ~/.vim/doc



:Ag [options] {pattern} [{directory}]

Search recursively in {directory} (which defaults to the current directory) for the {pattern}.

Files containing the search term will be listed in the split window, along with the line number of the occurrence, once for each occurrence. [Enter] on a line in this window will open the file, and place the cursor on the matching line.

Just like where you use :grep, :grepadd, :lgrep, and :lgrepadd, you can use :Ag, :AgAdd, :LAg, and :LAgAdd respectively. (See doc/ag.txt, or install and :h Ag for more information.)

Keyboard Shortcuts

In the quickfix window, you can use:

o    to open (same as enter)
go   to preview file (open but maintain focus on ag.vim results)
t    to open in new tab
T    to open in new tab silently
v    to open in vertical split
gv   to open in vertical split silently
q    to close the quickfix window

This plugin is almost copy and pasted from mileszs' ack.vim plugin.

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