A boilerplate setup for React, with Redux, Webpack, NPM, Sass, Typescript and Mocha/Chai.


A boilerplate setup for React, with Redux, Webpack, NPM, Sass, Typescript, and ES6.

Webpack Config


.ts .tsx

  • react-hot: allows instantaneous live refresh without losing state while editing React components
  • ts-loader: pre-compiles typescript
  • strip-loader: strips custom functions from your code (eg. console.log) in production

.css .scss

These loaders are listed here in order of transformation but appear in the config right-to-left. - sass-loader: precompiles .scss to .css - autoprefixer: PostCSS plugin to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules - css-loader: resolves @import at-rules and url(…) values as require()

.ttf .eot .svg .woff

  • file-loader: emits font assets as files in the output directory

.jpg .png

  • file-loader: emits image assets as files in the output directory


  • ExtractTextPlugin: moves required css from JS into a file .css file
  • HtmlWebpackPlugin: injects resources into index.html
  • webpack.HotModuleReplacementPlugin: exchanges, adds, or removes modules while an application is running without a page reload
  • webpack.DefinePlugin: allows you to create global constants which can be configured at compile time


  • source-map-loader: uses any TypeScript-generated sourcemaps in webpack sourcemaps

Available Global Constants:

  • NODE_ENV: The build environment passed with webpack command as NODE_ENV=<environment>,
    • defaults to development
  • VERSION: The package.json version number (eg. 0.1.0)


  • [X] Implement a build process
  • [ ] Build some React components (Maybe a notes app with tagging)
  • [ ] Add unit tests
  • [ ] Use localStorage for persiting data
  • [ ] Build and deploy to Github.io page