CSRF Scanner written in PHP, using Goutte

CSRF Scanner

Protecting against CSRF is easy, and testing whether that protection is actually present, is also easy. But testing a multitude of sites continuously is a drag.

The typical flow of CSRF Scanner is as follows: - spider a website to find all pages - on each page, find all forms - submits each form while messing with the token - checks whether they are sufficiently protected.


Don’t test this on a live site, as it will perform all kinds of form submissions which you might not like, screw up your database and probably DoS the site as well.

Use on a disposable test site!


At the moment, the scanner assumes that to be protected: - every form must have a hidden token field, - changing or removing that token field should cause a 403 Forbidden response. Different rules can be added however. Spidering is restricted to the domains of the startpages (as defined in the profile)

Sometimes the same form is repeated on different pages. In that case it is only tested once.

What it doesn’t do

  • If on your site, GET requests can cause damage, this tool will not detect that. Just never allow GET for non-idempotent requests.
  • Javascript submissions etc
  • When forms have multiple submit buttons, the form is only tested for one of them.
  • Fragments (the part after the # in a URI) are ignored


  • git clone url/to/csrf-scanner csrf-scanner
  • Create a file called yoursite.profile, see tests/minisite.profile.dist for an example
  • bin/csrfscan scan path/to/profile

Login script

Usually you’ll want to login to a site before running the scan. You can do this by adding a prescript in the profile:

$this->setPreScript(function($client) {
	$crawler = $client->request('get', 'http://site/loginpage');
	$form = $crawler->selectButton('btn-login')->form();
	$form->setValues(array('username' => 'myname', 'password' => 'test'));


The output looks something like this:


   |_ tokennotcheckedform
      |_ 403 response expected, but got a 200

   |_ notokenform
      |_ No 'token' input field found

   |_ goodform
   |_ bogusform
      |_ No 'token' input field found


Running Tests

Start a webserver:

”` bash php -S localhost:8888 -t tests/minisite

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CSRF Scanner written in PHP, using Goutte ...

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