A ratio calculator Alfred workflow that takes a series of three numbers as input and outputs the missing number.

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Alfred Ratio Calculator

Easily calculate the missing number in a ratio. Given the equation 2/4=?/10, type rr 2 4 x 10 and get 5!

Download it!


  1. Download the workflow.

  2. Double-click on the Ratio Calculator.alfredworkflow file you just downloaded to add it to Alfred.

  3. Click the Import button.

  4. The default trigger keyword is rr. Change this as you see fit. To do so, double-click the leftmost of the two blocks that represent the workflow--that is, the one that says 'Script Filter'--and change the 'Keyword' field to your preferred trigger.


  1. Launch Alfred.

  2. Start the ratio calculator by typing rr and a space.

  3. Type a ratio equation as a series of three numbers and one non-number to indicate the missing value.

    For example, to find the missing number in the equation 2/4=x/10, type:

    2 4 x 10

    You can use x, ?, or any non-number character to indicate the number you want to find.

  4. The result will show up in the feedback list below as you finish your equation. Hit Return to copy the result to your clipboard.


See Also

This Alfred workflow is based on my ratio calculator script for the command line, which functions identically but includes several options.


Many thanks to Cody Robbins for code review, refactoring, and other helpful contributions.

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