Fake objects for cleaner code, error handling, feature switches, etc.


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Maybe wraps a class and provides a way to abstract away error handling when dealing with undefined instances. It might help implement feature switches, dev/prod environments switches, etc.


with composer

composer.phar require mattjmattj/maybe ~1.0

Basic usage

use Maybe\Maybe;

 * Create a Maybe instance for the desired class or interface.
$maybe = new Maybe('Some\Class');

 * Wrap some object that you don't know much about : 
 * might be null or an actual instance of Some\Class.
$wrapped = $maybe->wrap($someContainer->getSomeClassInstance());

 * Call whatever you want on the wrapped object without having
 * to worry about whether $someContainer->getSomeClassInstance()
 * return something or not.

 * You can also call a method at a deeper level. Maybe will wrap returned types
 * if it finds proper @return annotations


Examples are provided in the “example” folder:

  • Log : An example of how to use Maybe with an IoC container to wrap a “log” feature and write code with no worries.
  • Email : An example of how to use Maybe to create fake objects from interfaces only. An example of “deep” wrapping.


Not every kind of object should be wrapped. Typically you will want to wrap classes that provide logs, debug, cache, events, etc. You don’t want to wrap “useful” classes that actually alter the logic of your code.


Maybe is licensed under BSD-2-Clause license.