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Chrome Devtools Extension that loads themes using the Zero Base Template

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Experiments settings reset in 44.0.2403.89. Open developer tools settings ▶ Experiments ▶ [✔] Allow custom UI themes to enable theme again.

Chrome Default Dark Theme

Chrome now has a default dark theme, that you can enable via Settings > Appearance > Theme: Dark. It's a great step in the right direction, well done Chrome Team! For those if you who want more customization, Zero Base Themes is here for you :)

Zero Base Themes

An assortment of Chrome Devtools theme that use the Zero Base Template.


Zero Base Themes is built on LESS. Grunt is used to listen for changes to LESS files and generates CSS. This means Node is required.

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo: git clone

  2. Install dependencies: npm install.

  3. To use an existing theme: grunt. (If you're going to work on your own theme: grunt watch to listen for changes).

  4. Chrome > Preferences... > Extensions > DevTools Theme: Zero Dark Matrix = Enabled (also enable Allow incognito below if you wish).

  5. chrome://flags (make sure Enable Developer Tools experiments is enabled).

  6. In Chome Dev Tools > Settings (cog icon or Shift+?) > Experiments > Allow custom UI themes.

  7. Sometimes it's required to close and reopen the dev tools.

Contributing to Template Source

All template files are located in the /less directory. Files beginning with an _ indicate template partials. They are imported via build.less. Any addition/removal of template partials should be reflected in the build file.

Changing Themes

Copy /themes/_theme-template.less and modify color values accordingly. Rename the file and save in the /themes directory. Specify the theme of your choice in config.less.

About Canary

As of Version v. 33.0.1726.0, themes only work via extensions and the developer tools experiments.

There is a thread detailing how this method came about.. Feel free to voice your opinions there.

Additional Resources

Blog post and screencast showing how to get up and running and create your own theme as well

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