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Static blog generator in python, using ReST syntax

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Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python_.

  • Write your weblog entries directly with your editor of choice (vim!) in reStructuredText_ or Markdown_
  • Includes a simple CLI tool to (re)generate the weblog
  • Easy to interface with DVCSes and web hooks
  • Completely static output is easy to host anywhere


Pelican currently supports:

  • Blog articles and pages
  • Comments, via an external service (Disqus). (Please note that while useful, Disqus is an external service, and thus the comment data will be somewhat outside of your control and potentially subject to data loss.)
  • Theming support (themes are created using Jinja2_ templates)
  • PDF generation of the articles/pages (optional)
  • Publication of articles in multiple languages
  • Atom/RSS feeds
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Import from WordPress, Dotclear, or RSS feeds
  • Integration with external tools: Twitter, Google Analytics, etc. (optional)
  • Fast rebuild times thanks to content caching and selective output writing.

Have a look at the Pelican documentation_ for more information.

Why the name “Pelican”?

“Pelican” is an anagram for calepin, which means “notebook” in French. ;)

Source code

You can access the source code at:

If you feel hackish, have a look at the explanation of Pelican's internals_.

How to get help, contribute, or provide feedback

See our contribution submission and feedback guidelines <CONTRIBUTING.rst>_.

.. Links

.. _Python: .. _reStructuredText: .. _Markdown: .. _Jinja2: .. _Pelican documentation: .. _Pelican's internals:

.. |build-status| image:: :target: :alt: Travis CI: continuous integration status .. |coverage-status| image:: :target: :alt: Coveralls: code coverage status

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