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BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education


BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for on-line learning. We believe that every student with a web browser should have access to a high-quality on-line learning experience. We intend to make that possible with BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton supports real-time sharing of slides (PDF and any document readable by OpenOffice), webcams, whiteboard, chat, voice over IP (using FreeSWITCH), and desktop. It can record and playback all content shared in a session. The BigBlueButton project is is supported by a community of developers that care about good design and a streamlined user experience.

The use cases for BigBlueButton are * One-to-one on-line tutoring * Small group collaboration * On-line classes (25 or less)

BigBlueButton is built on the shoulders of giants.

Getting Started

All the core information is at the Google Code project page. Here are a few quick links

If you want to see how BigBlueButton works, check out these two videos * presenter * viewer

After watching the videos, if you want to immediately try out BigBlueButton, the project maintains a live demo server that anyone can join.

To quickly get started running your own BigBlueButton server * Install on Ubunt 10.04 64-bit * Download the BigBlueButton 0.81 Virtual Machine

See also history of project.

If you like the work we’ve done with BigBlueButton and would like to contribute improvemets to the project, see Contribute to BigBlueButton.


BigBlueButton is licensed under the LGPL 3.0.

BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc .

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