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Min Vid is a Firefox add-on that gives you complete control over the videos in your browser. You can pop out, sticky, resize, and drag videos anywhere within the browser - it even stays visible when you switch tabs, so you can keep watching while you browse.

This is an experiment - seeing what happens when users have total control over the media they’re consuming on the web. Users should be able to consume content in whatever way they feel comfortable. In the future we may be exploring these concepts with other forms of media, such as audio or pdfs.


Once the addon is installed you are able to launch Min Vid from the overlay icon over videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also launch Min Vid by right clicking on a video link and sending to the player from the context menu.


  • npm run package
  • set xpinstall.signatures.required in about:config
  • install xpi by dragging onto the about:addons page

note The xpinstall.signatures.required option in about:config needs to be set in order to install unsigned addons.


Contributions welcome. To get started,

  1. Clone the repo: 2. Install packages:

npm install

  1. install autoinstaller addon

  2. npm run dev to watch for file changes while developing.

For further information on contributing, see


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Mozilla Public License 2.0

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