(DISCONTINUED DUE TO CEASE AND DESIST) - For historical purposes, this is the live Pokemon visualizer for Pokemon Go - DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!

API is currently down, please don’t submit issues. Actively working on fix, might be a while.

PokemonGo MapPython 2.7

Live visualization of all the pokemon (with option to show gyms and pokestops) in your area. This is a proof of concept that we can load all the pokemon visible nearby given a location. Currently runs on a Flask server displaying Google Maps with markers on it.


  • Shows Pokemon, Pokestops, and gyms with a clean GUI.
  • Notifications
  • Lure information
  • Multithreaded mode
  • Filters
  • Independent worker threads (many can be used simulatenously to quickly generate a livemap of a huge geographical area)
  • Localization (en, fr, pt_br, de, ru, zh_cn, zh_hk)
  • DB storage (sqlite or mysql) of all found pokemon
  • Incredibly fast, efficient searching algorithm (compared to everything else available)

Deploy Deploy

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How to setup

For instructions on how to setup and run the tool, please refer to the project wiki, or the video guide.

Android Version

There is an Android port in the works. All Android related prs and issues please refer to this repo.

iOS Version

There is an iOS port in the works. All iOS related prs and issues please refer to this repo.


Using this software is against the ToS of the game. You can get banned, use this tool at your own risk.


Please submit all pull requests to develop branch.

Building off tejado’s python pgoapi, Mila432’s API, leegao’s additions and Flask-GoogleMaps. Current version relies primarily on the pgoapi and Google Maps JS API.

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