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Deploys and manages Medic.

For more detailed documentation on how to start Medic using Horticulturalist, see this guide.


From npm

npm install horticulturalist
[email protected] COUCH_URL=http://admin:[email protected]:5984/medic horti --local --bootstrap

From source

COUCH_URL=http://admin:[email protected]:5984/medic node src/index.js --dev


Pick one mode to run in:

    If you don't know which one you want, you want this one. For general
    local use. Deploys applications to a hidden directory in your home
    Runs horti in 'dev' mode, directly out of the given directory under a
    'temp' directory. For developers and for use while developing horti.
    Only of interest to those who deploy using MedicOS. Deploys apps using
    the MedicOS daemon.

Additional options:

    Download the latest master (or specified) build and deploy to the
    local db at startup. Buildname can either be an exact build name (eg
    'master'), or @type for the latest of that type (eg @release or @beta).
    Like above this bootstraps to the given build, but doesn't start the 
    daemon or deploy any applications