React, React-Router 4, MobX and Webpack 2-boilerplate with async routes.

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React MobX React-Router 4 Boilerplate

:tada: React, [email protected], MobX and Webpack 2.


Just run npm install and npm start, then go to localhost:3000 to start developing. To build, run npm run build, and to preview run npm run preview, then go to localhost:1234 for the minified production bundle.

Async component loading

Components are now loaded async with react-router-loader and the store is injected via MobX Provider. If you've downloaded this boilerplate before remember to run npm install again.

Read this if you've been using an earlier version of this boilerplate

  • 01/31/17 - Upgraded to React Router 4 Beta
  • 01/28/17 - Routes are now loaded through Lazy-Route.


  • [X] Async loading of components
  • [X] Data fetching example
  • [X] Protected Routes