Installation script for your LAMP workstation, or virtual server

MHlavac Symfony2 lamp

Get started in minutes. Say no more to days of setting your programming environment and finding everything yourself.

This LAMP configuration allows you to install your working environment in few minutes. It’s completely open source (MIT license), this means you can check what this installation does and you can see for yourself that it is not going to track your work in any way.

MHlavac Symfony2 LAMP is created in Virtual servers in mind and that should be your main platform where to use this scripts. You can still use it on your workstation, but check the plugins as it does few changes to rc in installation process to make the terminal little friendlier to new comers :-)

Installation guide

You can install everything in one simple step:

curl | sudo sh

How to create new project

How to create new project in LAMP? It’s quite easy, it takes only one step and your site is up and you can start working.

mkdir -p /var/www/website.example/web

In this command we created a website.example directory in /var/www directory. Any directory created in /var/www will automaticaly create a new Apache2 Virtual Host and new Bind 9 zones settings for this directory.

That said, if you create website.example directory a new virtualhost on address webiste.example is created. You can access it in your browser via this URL address: http://website.example.

Currently the website does not have any index page. To test it out you can simply create one with following command:

echo "Hello on your website example" > /var/www/example/website/web/index.html

What is inside?

  • PHP 5.4.x
    • composer
    • pear
    • pecl
  • node.js
    • npm
    • yeoman
    • grunt (contrib-sass, contrib-coffee)
    • bower
  • Apache2
    • mod_rewrite - Nice urls
    • vhost_alias - More advanced virtualhost settings
    • xsendfile - File provisioning (you can send your files through PHP with ease)
  • Code versioning
    • git
  • Continuous integration
    • Jenkins CI - Accesible at jenkins.lamp
  • Databases and caches
  • Build tools
    • ant
    • gradle
  • System utilities
    • Etckeeper - Backups your LAMP’s system settings in local git
    • jdk7 - Java development kit (needed for jenkins ci)
    • Samba - Share files with windows
    • wkhtmltopdf - Generates pdf from given url
    • postfix - Sends emails


This project is under MIT license, you can use it for free for any means. You can also alter it as you like ;-)

Thank you

Lastly i want to thank you for reading to this point and for using my LAMP configuration. If you have any ideas or if you found any bugs please report them as issues on github.

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