automator files to upload images and screenshots to imgur.


A repository which contains two simple automation scripts for uploading images and screenshots to imgur, with no hassle.

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Installation is very simple, follow these smalls steps:

  1. Download or clone the repository.

  2. Run the script in a command line (e.g., like so:



  1. You can pass one argument to the script, this argument is the directory where you to store your screenshots. The script will call the script, which will set your system screenshot directory path. For example:
   ./ ~/Documents/Pictures/My\ Screenshots
  1. Since the automation scripts depend on imguru, the scripts will upload your images/screenshots to imgur anonymously; which may be of nuisance to some people. However, if someone wants to alter this repository to incorporate user uploads, they are more than welcome to.


This repository comes with two automation scripts: one to upload screenshots to imgur and two, to upload images that are already on your machine.

Uploading Screenshots

Uploading screenshots is extremely simple. Simply, take a screenshot and wait for it to upload. You can take a screenshot by pressing ⇧⌘3 (shift-command-3) to screenshot your whole screen or ⇧⌘4 (shift-command-4) to screenshot a region of your screen. A notification will be shown when the screenshot has been uploaded, and the link to to the image will be automatically copied to your clipboard.


Uploading images already on your machine

To upload images that are already on your machine, you can have two options:

  1. Use the command line to upload them
  2. Within finder (and other applications) you can upload them via services

First Option

The first option is quite simple, you just use imguru, like so:

imguru -d <path-to-screenshot>

and then copy the link it spits out. Alternatively, to copy to your clipboard you can add | pbcopy to the command, like so:

imguru -d <path-to-screenshot> | pbcopy

Second Option

The second option is also quite simple, but with this option you can upload the image(s) you want multiple ways. All ways will show a notification once the image is uploaded and copy the link to your clipboard.

Right Clicking

In Finder (and perhaps other applications that support this), you can:

  1. right click the image

Right Click Image

  1. hover over “Services”

Hover Over Services

  1. Click the service called “imgur-upload”.

Click Service Called imgur-upload

Top-bar Menu Option

  1. In Finder, or any other Application (e.g. an alternative to Finder, or a photo browser), click the Application name up at the top bar.

    Finder Top Bar

  2. Hover over the sub-menu called “services”

    Servies Menu

  3. Click the service called “imgur-upload”

    imgur-upload service

Setting up a Shortcut

I really reccomend setting up a shortcut to upload an image, as shortcuts save much time. To make a shortcut for the service, follow these steps:

  1. Open up System Preferences System Preferences
  2. Click/type “Keyboard” Keyboard within System Preferences
  3. Click the “Shortcuts” tab Keyboard Shortcuts tab
  4. Click “Services”
    Keyboard Services
  5. Scroll down to imgur-upload and click “add a shortcut” (or double click the existing shortcut to edit it) Add a Shortcut
  6. Type the key combination you wish to set as the shortcut, I personally use ⇧⌘I (shift-command-I). imgur-upload keyboard shortcut


How do I run

Simply open up, under Applications/Utilities/ And then type the following commands:

cd <directory-to-repository-download>

where <directory-to-repository-download> is the location you downloaded this repository (hint: you can drag the folder icon from finder to or use XtraFinder to “Open New Terminal Here”).

and then finally, type:


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