Alternate formulae repos for Homebrew

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This repository contains unofficial formulae for Homebrew.

(This replaces the Homebrew Duplicates branch that used to live under adamv's main Homebrew fork.)

Quick Start

To install homebrew-alt formulae, use one of the following:

  • brew install [raw GitHub URL]
  • brew install [full path to formula from your local homebrew-alt clone]

For more details, see below: "Installing homebrew-alt Formulae".

How This Repository Is Organized

  • duplicates
    These brews duplicate OS X functionality, though may provide newer or bug-fixed versions.

    (Homebrew policy discourages duplicates, except in some specific cases.)

  • versions
    These formulae provide mulitple versions of the same software package.

    (Homebrew policy is to maintain a single, stable version of a given package.)

  • binary
    These formulae provide binary-only installations.

  • non-free
    These formulae provide non-free software.

  • other
    Other formulae that haven't been accepted into master.

Installing homebrew-alt Formulae

There are two methods to install packages from this repository.

Method 1: Raw URL

First, find the raw URL for the formula you want. For example, the raw URL for the princexml formula is:


Once you know the raw URL, simply use brew install [raw URL], like so:

    brew install https://github.com/adamv/homebrew-alt/raw/master/non-free/princexml.rb

Method 2: Repository Clone

First, clone this repository. Be sure to choose a good location!

For example, clone to LibraryAlt under /usr/local:

    git clone https://github.com/adamv/homebrew-alt.git /usr/local/LibraryAlt

Once you've got your clone, simply use brew install [full path to formula].

For example, to install princexml:

    brew install /usr/local/LibraryAlt/non-free/princexml.rb

That's it!