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vfsStream is a stream wrapper for a virtual file system that may be helpful in unit tests to mock the real file system. It can be used with any unit test framework, like PHPUnit or SimpleTest.

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php >=5.3.0
dev phpunit/phpunit ~4.5


-   v1.6.4 zip tar
-   v1.6.3 zip tar
-   v1.6.2 zip tar
-   v1.6.1 zip tar
-   v1.6.0 zip tar
-   v1.5.0 zip tar
-   v1.4.0 zip tar
-   v1.3.0 zip tar
-   v1.2.0 zip tar
-   v1.1.0 zip tar
-   v1.1.0-beta1 zip tar
-   v1.0.0 zip tar
-   v1.0.0-beta5 zip tar
-   v1.0.0-beta4 zip tar
-   v1.0.0-beta3 zip tar
-   v1.0.0-beta2 zip tar
-   v1.0.0-beta1 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.11.2 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.11.1 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.11.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.10.1 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.10.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.9.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.8.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.7.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.6.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.5.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.4.0 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.3.2 zip tar
-   RELEASE-0.3.0 zip tar