5 years after

My Rails 3 Application Template

Using it

I use this to create new Rails apps tailored to my preferences. Like this, for example:

cd ~/code
git clone git://github.com/mileszs/rails3_template.git
rails new appname -d postgresql -m rails3_template/template.rb

What it do:

  • Populates the Gemfile with a ton of shit (just go look at partials/_gemfile.rb).
  • Creates an .rvmrc
  • Sets up Simple Form
  • Throws in a couple helpers (for title and meta description)
  • git init . and commit all that shit.


  • 960.gs? Twitter Bootstrap? Skeleton?
  • Jammit? Jammit + those rake tasks I wrote for Heroku + Jammit?
  • FastestForward's heroku_san? ... At least as an option, right?

Thank you.

Mike Fischer's Rails app template was a huge help. I copied much of this template from his. I also used Jeremy McAnally's rails-templates repo for some inspiration. Also, Collin Schaafsma has a decent method reference, though it might be incomplete.

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