REDbot checks HTTP resources.



This is REDbot, the Resource Expert Droid.

REDbot checks HTTP resources for feature support and common protocol problems. You can use the public instance on, or you can install it locally and use it on the command line, or even self-host your own Web checker.

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Contributing to REDbot

Your ideas, questions and other contributions are most welcome. See CONTRIBUTING.md_ for details.

Setting Up Your Own REDbot


REDbot needs:

  1. Python 3.5 or greater; see
  2. The Thor HTTP library; see
  3. The markdown library; see
  4. To use REDbot on the Web, you’ll need a Web server that implements the CGI interface; e.g., Apache_.

Installing RED

Unpack the REDbot tarball. There are a number of interesting files:

  • bin/ - the Web CGI script for running REDbot
  • bin/redbot - the command-line interface
  • redbot/ - REDbot’s Python library files
  • redbot/assets/ - REDbot’s CSS stylesheet and JavaScript library

To install from source (e.g., if you clone from github)::

python install

installs REDbot’s libraries as well as the command-line version as ‘redbot’.

Setting up your Web Server

To run REDbot from the Web, place where you wish it to be served from by the Web server. For example, with Apache you can put it in a directory and add these configuration directives (e.g., in .htaccess, if enabled)::

AddHandler cgi-script .py DirectoryIndex

If the directory is the root directory for your server “”, this will configure REDbot to be at the URI “”.

The contents of the assets directory also need to be made available on the server; by default, they’re in the ‘static’ subdirectory of the script’s URI. This can be changed using the ‘html.static_root’ configuration variable in

You should also create the directory referenced by the ‘save_dir’ configuration variable in, and make sure that it’s writable to the Web server process. This is where RED stores state files, and you should configure a cron job to regularly clean it. For example::

0 * * * * find /var/state/redbot/ -mmin +360 -exec rm {} \;

If you don’t want to allow users to store responses, set save_dir to ‘None’.

Running under mod_python

It’s also possible to run REDbot as a mod_python handler. For example::

AddHandler mod_python .py PythonHandler webui::mod_python_handler

If you use mod_python, make sure your server has enough memory for the number of Apache children you configure; each child should use anywhere from 20M-35M of RAM.

Docker deployment

You can also build the project through docker, clone from Github then :

docker build -t redbot .

Start the webserver

docker run -p 8080:80 redbot

Use the command line

docker run –entrypoint=/redbot/bin/redbot redbot


Icons by Momenticon. REDbot includes code from jQuery and prettify.js_.

.. _Apache: .. .. _Momenticon: .. _jQuery: .. _prettify.js:

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