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The official `github` command line helper for simplifying your GitHub experience.

The GitHub Gem

This gem’ll work hand-in-hand with GitHub’s API to help you out.

Catch us in the #github room on freenode if you want to get involved. Or just fork and send a pull request.


Getting started

$ gem install defunkt-github -s

Run it:

$ github


Pulling Changes

Let’s say you just forked github-gem on GitHub from defunkt.

$ git clone git:// $ cd github-gem $ github pull defunkt

This will setup a remote and branch for defunkt’s repository at master. In this case, a ‘defunkt/master’ branch.

If defunkt makes some changes you want, simply github pull defunkt. This will leave you in the ‘defunkt/master’ branch after pulling changes from defunkt’s remote. After confirming that defunkt’s changes were what you wanted, run git checkout master and then git merge defunkt/master to merge defunkt’s changes into your own master branch. In summary:

$ github pull defunkt $ git checkout master $ git merge defunkt/master

If you’ve already reviewed defunkt’s changes and just want to merge them into your master branch, use the merge flag:

$ github pull –merge defunkt



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