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Build your dotfile installer, updater and teardown


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A collection of classes that help you install, update and teardown package managers and other things useful for your dotfiles. It’s something like a meta package manager (package manager is the wrong word… still searching for a better one). After setting it up you can do the following:

  • rake up: Setup, install and update your software
  • rake down: Remove everything installed by Exogenesis
  • rake clean: Run cleanup tasks

It creates a beautiful output if you want it to (see Configuration). For a little demonstration (a little updated) see this asciicast of my rake install running on my (already installed :wink:) system.

Please read the source code of this gem before you use it. I give no guarantee that this will not destroy your computer entirely.

How to use it

The current best practice is to create a Rakefile in your dotfile repo that looks something like this:

#!/usr/bin/env rake
require "yaml"
require "exogenesis"

packages_file = YAML.load_file("packages.yml")
ship = Ship.new(packages_file)

[:up, :down, :clean].each do |task_name|
  desc "#{task_name.capitalize} the Dotfiles"
  task task_name do
    ship.public_send task_name

You can find a list of real-world usage of this gem here. There are links to the actual install files there, so you can see how they did it.

If you use it…

…and you really like it, you can add the exogenesis badge to the title of your dotfile’s README and link to this project:



The Interface of the classes

Every class has the following methods (with the exception of initialize they all take no arguments):

  • initialize: The arguments are arbitrary, please see the individual files for it
  • up: Installs the package manager itself, all packages and updates the package manager itself and all packages
  • clean: Starts a clean-up process
  • down: Uninstalls all packages and the package manager itself

Not all package managers will need all of the methods. Just do not implement them.

Supported Managers

  • Dotfile: Link/Unlink your dotfiles
  • Fonts: Manage your fonts
  • Homebrew: Install/Uninstall/Update Homebrew and its packages
  • HomebrewCask: Install/Tap Homebrew Cask and its packages
  • RVM: Install/Uninstall/Update RVM and Rubies
  • Rbenv: Install/Uninstall/Update Rbenv+Ruby-Build and Rubies
  • Vundle: Install/Uninstall/Update Vundle and its packages
  • GitRepo: Clone/Pull Git Repos to certain paths
  • NPM: Install/Uninstall NPM and its packages
  • Shell: Executes commands on the shell
  • VimPlug: Install/Update plugins with vim-plug


Additions of new classes are more than welcome, even if they are complimentary to the ones already provided. If you want to contribute a new class, please see the interface section and inherit from Passenger. Please use the Executor singleton for communicating the status with the user and for executing shell scripts.

So far, the following people have contributed to the project:

  • Bodo Tasche aka @bitboxer
  • Felix Schäfer aka @thegcat
  • Gil Desmarais aka @gill0r

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Top Contributors

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