Real-time audience interaction (Node.js) server

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Modern audience interaction

Currently in active development



Lexsur is served using Node.js. On MacOS::

$ brew install node

Dependencies can then be installed using NPM or Yarn:

$ npm install

$ yarn install

Initiate MySQL database. By default: mysql://[email protected]/lexsur. This can be changed, along with all other settings in the config files.

$ mysql.server start

The Lexsury server can then be initialized:

  • Dev server with reloading

$ npm devServer

  • Production mode server

$ npm start

You should now be able to visit see Lexsury running at http://localhost:3030

If you'd like to contribute, checkout our Trello Board and come hangout with us

Tool Docs


  • A bundled/minified version of our React Client is included within public