Short UUID field for django


Provides a ShortUUIDField for your Django models which uses the base-57 “Short UUID” package at .

Originally, a fork from David Cramer’s excellent django-uuidfield, but not much is left of that besides a bit of structure.


Install it with pip (or easy_install)::

pip install django-shortuuidfield


First you’ll need to attach a ShortUUIDField to your class. This acts as a char(22) to maintain compatibility with SQL versions::

from shortuuidfield import ShortUUIDField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    uuid = ShortUUIDField()



  • ShortUUIDField is a subclass of django.db.models.CharField

  • You can pass usual Django CharField parameters on init, although some of them are added/overwritten:

    • max_length=22 (since we are using base-57 format which is fixed at 22 characters)
    • blank=True, editable=False (set auto=False to remove these fields enforcement)
  • Uses shortuuid.uuid() that generates uuid4 random values

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