Put.io magnet: and .torrent Handler for OS X


Put.IO Adder is a small open source app for OS X, that registers as new handler for magnet: URI schemes, so that every time you click on a magnet link, it will automatically add it to your put.io download queue.

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FEATURES - Automatically add magnet: links and .torrent files to your download queue by clicking on them - Stream finished movies directly from the app (requires VLC to be installed in /Applications) - View current transfers and their download status - Double click transfers to open them on put.io - Notification Center notifications on finished downloads - etc…


Version Downloads
put.io adder v3.0.1 total

(Older releases can be found here)

NOTES - The app requires you to have a put.io account. They’re probably not free anymore. - The app requires Keychain Access to store put.io’s OAuth Token. Denying access will prevent the app from working. - To disable Notification Center, go to System Preferences -> Notifications -> Scroll to Put.IO Adder, and make your changes. - There are three ways to upload .torrent files to your account: - Drag the .torrent file onto the app icon - Make put.io adder your default handler for .torrent files - Or right click the torrent and pick “Open with” > put.io adder

Please report issues you may encounter. Pull requests are also very welcome!


AFNetworking, PutioKit, and SSKeyChain have been added as submodules. To clone the repo in its entirety, use:

$ git clone --recursive [email protected]:nicoSWD/put.io-adder.git

All contributions are greatly appreciated. If you want to help, send a pull request, or open a new issue with a feature request.

Some ideas for improvement are:

  • Check if put.io adder is the default handler for magnet links and torrent files on startup. ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices.plist needs to be parsed and/or modified for that. If it’s not, an alert asking to change that should be fired.
  • A “Default folder preference” option could be added.
  • An option to download finished transfers to the computer through the app would be nice.
  • A way to browse through existing files and folders on put.io.
  • More languages.
  • Settings could be moved to a new preference pane in System Preferences.
  • Design improvements.
  • A way to stream finished files through the app.
  • Authentication could be improved by adding a new custom URI scheme. When authenticating, the browser should open and go to put.io’s authentication page, and a callback to something like putio://callback would open the app and pass over the OAuth token. Just like mikker’s Putter app does. (Added in v2.7)
  • Besides Notification Center, a badge could be added to the app icon, indicating the number of finished downloads. Or the download progress could be shown there.
  • etc…

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OS X put.io client that acts as handler for magnet: links and .torrent files, and adds them to your put.io download queue (putio, bittorrent). ...

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