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Collection of awesome loading animations


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NVActivityIndicatorView is a collection of awesome loading animations.

This is original a fork from DGActivityIndicatorView, inspired by Loaders.css, written in Swift with full implementation of animations, plus more.

You can also find Objective-C version of this here.


alt tag

For first-hand experience, just open the project and run it.

Animation types

Type Type Type Type
1. ballPulse 2. ballGridPulse 3. ballClipRotate 4. squareSpin
5. ballClipRotatePulse 6. ballClipRotateMultiple 7. ballPulseRise 8. ballRotate
9. cubeTransition 10. ballZigZag 11. ballZigZagDeflect 12. ballTrianglePath
13. ballScale 14. lineScale 15. lineScaleParty 16. ballScaleMultiple
17. ballPulseSync 18. ballBeat 19. lineScalePulseOut 20. lineScalePulseOutRapid
21. ballScaleRipple 22. ballScaleRippleMultiple 23. ballSpinFadeLoader 24. lineSpinFadeLoader
25. triangleSkewSpin 26. pacman 27. ballGridBeat 28. semiCircleSpin
29. ballRotateChase 30. orbit 31. audioEqualizer



Install Cocoapods if need be.

$ gem install cocoapods

Add NVActivityIndicatorView in your Podfile.


pod 'NVActivityIndicatorView'

Then, run the following command.

$ pod install


Install Carthage if need be.

$ brew update
$ brew install carthage

Add NVActivityIndicatorView in your Cartfile.

github "ninjaprox/NVActivityIndicatorView"

Run carthage to build the framework and drag the built NVActivityIndicatorView.framework into your Xcode project.

Note: You might encounter compile issue, if so please use carthage branch instead. Check issue #101 for more information.


Copy NVActivityIndicatorView folder to your project. That's it.

Note: Make sure that all files in NVActivityIndicatorView included in Compile Sources in Build Phases.

Note: If you encounter issues while uploading the app to iTunes Connect, remove the Info.plist file in NVActivityIndicatorView. Check issue #129 for more information.


Version 3.6.0

This version requires Xcode 8.3 and Swift 3.1.

Version 3.0

This version requires Xcode 8.0 and Swift 3.

  • NVActivityIndicatorView.startAnimation() and NVActivityIndicatorView.stopAnimation() are deleted. Use NVActivityIndicatorView.startAnimating() and NVActivityIndicatorView.stopAnimating() instead.
  • UIViewController.startActivityAnimating() and UIViewController.stopActivityAnimating() are deleted. Use UIViewController.startAnimating() and UIViewController.stopAnimating() instead.

Version 2.0

This version continues to spport Xcode 7.0 and Swift 2.2 and earlier. For Swift 2.3 support, use swift2.3 branch instead.

pod 'NVActivityIndicatorView', :git => 'https://github.com/ninjaprox/NVActivityIndicatorView.git', :branch => 'swift2.3'


Firstly, import NVActivityIndicatorView.

import NVActivityIndicatorView


Then, there are two ways you can create NVActivityIndicatorView:

  • By storyboard, changing class of any UIView to NVActivityIndicatorView.

Note: Set Module to NVActivityIndicatorView.

  • By code, using initializer. All parameters other than frame are optional and NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_* are used as default values.
NVActivityIndicatorView(frame: frame, type: type, color: color, padding: padding)

Note: Check DEFAULTS for default values.


Start animating.


Stop animating.


Determine if it is animating.

animating = activityIndicatorView.animating

Change properties

In storyboard, you can change all properties in Attributes inspector tab of Utilities panel.

Note: Use one of values (case-insensitive) in Animation types for Type Name.

All properties are public so you can change them all after initiating.

Note: All changes must be made before calling startAnimating().

UI blocker

By conforming NVActivityIndicatorViewable protocol, you can use NVActivityIndicatorView as UI blocker for UIViewController.

class ViewController: UIViewController, NVActivityIndicatorViewable { }

Start animating.

startAnimating(size, message) // plus other parameters as in initializer.

Stop animating.


Or you can use NVActivityIndicatorPresenter to display UI blocker anywhere.

Start animating.

let activityData = ActivityData()


Note: Check documentation for detail of ActivityData.

Stop animating.


Change message.



There are global defaults for all NVActivityIndicatorView instances.

  • Default animation type.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_TYPE = .ballSpinFadeLoader
  • Default color of activity indicator view.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_COLOR = UIColor.white
  • Default color of the text below the activity indicator view when using an NVActivityIndicatorPresenter. The presentor will use the activity indicator color for the text if it is set but a textColor is not. DEFAULT_TEXT_COLOR is only used when neither are set.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_TEXT_COLOR = UIColor.white
  • Default padding of activity indicator view.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_PADDING = CGFloat(0)
  • Default size of activity indicator view used in UI blocker.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_BLOCKER_SIZE = CGSizeMake(60, 60)
  • Default background color of UI blocker.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_BLOCKER_BACKGROUND_COLOR = UIColor(red: 0, green: 0, blue: 0, alpha: 0.5)
  • Default display time threshold.

Default time that has to be elapsed (between calls of startAnimating() and stopAnimating()) in order to actually display UI blocker. It should be set thinking about what the minimum duration of an activity is to be worth showing it to the user. If the activity ends before this time threshold, then it will not be displayed at all.

NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_BLOCKER_DISPLAY_TIME_THRESHOLD = 0 // in milliseconds
  • Default minimum display time.

Default minimum display time of UI blocker. Its main purpose is to avoid flashes showing and hiding it so fast. For instance, setting it to 200ms will force UI blocker to be shown for at least this time (regardless of calling stopAnimating() ealier).

NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_BLOCKER_MINIMUM_DISPLAY_TIME = 0 // in milliseconds
  • Default message displayed in UI blocker.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_BLOCKER_MESSAGE: String? = nil
  • Default font of message displayed in UI blocker.
NVActivityIndicatorView.DEFAULT_BLOCKER_MESSAGE_FONT = UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: 20)


Thanks Connor Atherton for great loaders and Danil Gontovnik for kick-start.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 Vinh Nguyen @ninjaprox

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