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A list of software and resources for professional audio/video/live events production on Linux.

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A list of software and resources for professional audio/video/live events production on the Linux platform

Work in progress - See current issues and CONTRIBUTING

This list is provided to help you build your own GNU/Linux based A/V production environment. Most of the listed software is packaged for Debian, and should be directly installable using your package manager. Software that can be run on other GNU/Linux distributions may also be added to the list. This list focuses on sound, video, lighting and live applications.

See System Setup (WIP) for guides on setting up your system.

×   Not packaged in Debian
▒   Only in KXStudio repositories
©   Non-free/closed source



  • Renoise - a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) using a tracker-based approach. © ×
  • milkytracker - music creation tool inspired by Fast Tracker 2 (debian)
  • schism - ImpulseTracker clone aiming at providing the same look&feel (debian)

Audio Editors

  • audacity - fast, cross-platform audio editor (debian)
  • gnusound - multitrack sound editor for GNOME
  • kwave - sound editor for KDE (debian)
  • mhwaveedit - Simple and fast GTK2 sound editor (debian)
  • smasher - Cross-platform audio loop slicer designed to create sliced loops from WAV, MP3, FLAC or AIFF files in seconds without a sequencer
  • snd-gtk - Sound file editor (dummy transitional package) (debian)
  • sweep - Audio editor and live playback tool (debian)
  • wavesurfer - Sound Manipulation Program (debian)
  • LAoE - Layer-based Audio Editor, and it is a rich featured graphical audio sample editor, based on multi-layers, floating-point samples, volume-masks, variable selection-intensity, and many plugins suitable to manipulate sound, such as filtering, retouching, resampling, graphical spectrogram editing by brushes and rectangles, sample-curve editing by freehand-pen and spline and other interpolation curves, effects... ×
  • SndBite - SndBite is a specialized audio editor, designed for breaking large recordings into smaller components with great efficiency. Its principal intended application is in linguistic research where it is often desirable to put each word or sentence into a separate file before further processing. ×
  • Sound Studio - A simple (minimal) light-weight tool for editing smaller soundfiles. Because Sound Studio uses Sox, it can cope with a wide variety of audio file formats. ×
  • eisenkraut - A multi-channel and hi-res capable audio file editor (debian) ×
  • Shuriken - beat slicer with beat detection and time stretching capabilities. Easy QT4 interface to slice up drum loops, assign hits to MIDI keys, and change the tempo of loops in real-time. ×
  • aubio-tools - library for audio segmentation -- utilities (debian)
  • ReZound - ReZound aims to be a stable, open source, and graphical audio file editor primarily for but not limited to the Linux operating system. ×





  • AF2-10/M - A versatile graphical EQ with a wide range of zero latency analogue modelled filters and realtime FFT display. × ©
  • eq10q - LV2 equalizer
  • fil-plugins - parametric equalizer LADSPA plugin (debian)
  • luftikus - analog modeled equalizer
  • lv2fil - Stereo and mono LV2 plugins, four-band parametric equalisers


DJing / Vinyl emulation

  • mixxx - Digital Disc Jockey Interface (debian)
  • xwax - open-source vinyl emulation software for Linux with timecoded vinyl support (debian)




  • bristol - vintage synthesizer emulator (debian)
  • amsynth - two oscillator software synthesizer (debian)
  • blepvco - LADSPA, minBLEP-based, hard-sync-capable oscillator plugins (debian)
  • cursynth - Cursynth is a polyphonic music synthesizer that runs graphically inside your terminal. ×
  • Discovery Pro - Virtual Analog synthesizer + sampler × ©
  • helm - polyphonic synthesizer
  • synthv1 - old-school polyphonic synthesizer (debian)
  • obxd - ob-x emulation plugin
  • sineshaper - Monophonic synth plugin with two oscillators and waveshapers (debian)
  • whysynth - DSSI Soft Synth Interface (debian)
  • wolpertinger - Subtractive synth with a sharp bandpass filter



  • sorcer - Sorcer polyphonic wavetable synth LV2 plugin
  • wsynth-dssi - hack on Xsynth-DSSI to allow wavetable synthesis (debian)
  • blop - Bandlimited wavetable-based plugins for LADSPA hosts (debian)


Modular synths

  • ams - Realtime modular synthesizer for ALSA (debian)
  • ams-lv2 - set of Voltage Controlled LV2 modules for Ingen
  • Psychosynth - an interactive modular soft-synth inspired by the ideas of the Reactable ×
  • BEAST/BSE - music composition and modular synthesis application ×
  • Sunvox - a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker) × ©
  • spiralsynthmodular - object orientated music studio
  • mcp-plugins - LADSPA plugins designed for Alsa Modular Synth (debian)
  • omins - collection of LADSPA plugins aimed at modular synthesizers (debian)

Organ simulators

Audio utilities


  • Linux Show Player a free cue player designed for sound-playback in stage production. The goal of the project is to provide a complete playback software for musical plays, theater shows and similar. ×
  • showq - MIDI controllable audio player (debian)
  • silan - commandline tool to detect silence in audio-files
  • silentjack - silence detector for the JACK audio system (debian)
  • fadecut - toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the resulting audiofiles (debian)
  • gwc - Audio file denoiser (debian) 404
  • declick - a dynamic digital declicker for audio sample files. ×
  • ecasound - command-line multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (debian)
    • nama - Multitrack recording with Ecasound (debian)
  • timemachine - JACK audio recorder for spontaneous and conservatory use (debian)
  • sox - Swiss army knife of sound processing (debian)
  • Samplecat - a program for cataloguing and auditioning audio samples. ×

Meters & Analysis

  • baudline - Time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain - Fourier, correlation, transfer function, impulse response, and raster transforms ×
  • brp-pacu - audio analysis tool (debian)
  • ebumeter - Loudness measurement according to EBU-R128 (debian)
  • extace - waveform viewer (debian)
  • jaaa - audio signal generator and spectrum analyser (debian)
  • jackmeter - a basic command line meter for the JACK audio system (debian)
  • jkmeter - horizontal or vertical bargraph audio level meter for Jack Audio Connection Kit (debian)
  • bitmeter - diagnosis tool for JACK audio software (debian)
  • xoscope - digital oscilloscope (debian)
  • meterbridge - Collection of Audio meters for the JACK audio server (debian)
  • QLoud - tool to measure loudspeaker frequency and step responses and distortions ×
  • siggen - Waveform generation tools (debian)
  • spek - acoustic spectrum analyser
  • sonic-visualiser - View and analyse the contents of music audio files (debian)
  • easyssp - audio visualization plugin
  • japa - JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser (debian)

Tuners & Metronomes

MIDI Utilities

  • abcmidi - converter from ABC to MIDI format and back (debian)
  • arpage - MIDI Arpeggiator w/ JACK Tempo Sync.
  • gmidimonitor - GTK+ application that shows MIDI events (debian
  • jack-keyboard - Virtual MIDI keyboard for JACK MIDI (debian)
  • kmidimon - MIDI monitor using ALSA sequencer and KDE user interface (debian)
  • m2hpc - MIDI to Hydrogen Pattern Converter ×
  • MidiJoystick - MidiJoystick is a MIDI client for the Jack Audio Connection Kit on Linux, which lets you use your joystick to emit MIDI commands ×
  • midimsg-lv2 - set of plugins to transform midi output
  • midisox - a SoX-like workalike, for handling MIDI files ×
  • qmidiarp - MIDI arpeggiator for ALSA (debian)
  • qmidinet - MIDI Network Gateway via UDP/IP Multicast (debian)
  • vmpk - Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (debian)
  • mididings - MIDI router and processor based on Python (debian)
  • swami - MIDI instrument editor application (debian)
  • MIDI scripts - Various MIDI utilities and scripts ×
  • QmidiCtl - A MIDI Remote Controller via UDP/IP Multicast ×
  • QXGEdit - Editor for MIDI System Exclusive files for XG devices (eg. Yamaha DB50XG). ×


System utilities

VST adapters

  • airwave - Airwave is a WINE-based VST bridge, that allows for the use of Windows 32- and 64-bit VST 2.4 audio plugins with Linux VST hosts ×
  • dssi-vst - Adapter for VST an VSTi audio plugins
  • festige - GUI for fst and dssi-vst
  • vst-bridge - VST bridge for Windows vst on Linux

Network streaming/broadcasting

See for the main list

Icecast clients:


  • Q Light Controller+ (QLC+) - a free and cross-platform software to control DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc. ×
  • hyperion - An opensource 'AmbiLight' implementation controlled using the RaspBerry Pi ×
  • D::Light - mobile, flexible solution to control modern lighting/performance technology. × ©


See also Linux4VJs VJ tools

  • Cinelerra - Cinema Production Software ×
  • Lightworks - professional Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software supporting resolutions up to 4K. × ©
  • openshot - Create and edit videos and movies (debian)
  • CasparCG Server - professional software used to play out and record professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs.for broadcast production ×
  • CHDK - Canon Hack Development Kit
  • delvj - a cyborg video jockey extension for pure data processing
  • dvswitch - basic video mixer for live DV streams (debian)
  • ffdiaporama - Movie creator from photos and video clips (debian)
  • FreeJ - a video mixer: an instrument for realtime video manipulation ×
  • freemix - live video performance software ×
  • frei0r-plugins - minimalistic plugin API for video effects, plugins collection (debian)
  • Gephex - modular video jockey software ×
  • glmixer - Graphic Live Mixer ×
  • kdenlive - non-linear video editor (debian)
  • kino - Non-linear editor for Digital Video data (debian)
  • lives - Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video (debian)
  • Luz Studio - A live motion graphics editor and performer. ×
  • Magic Lantern Firmware - a software enhancement that offers increased functionality to the excellent Canon DSLR cameras.
  • Moviepy - Python module for video editing, which can be used for basic operations (like cuts, concatenations, title insertions), video compositing (a.k.a. non-linear editing), video processing, or to create advanced effects. ×
  • Natron - free open-source, cross-platform compositing software. It aims to produce visual effects. ×
  • pitivi - non-linear audio/video editor using GStreamer (debian)
  • Shotcut - a free, open source, cross-platform video editor ×
  • synaesthesia - Program for representing sounds visually
  • Veejay - realtime video sequencer and effects processor ×
  • xjadeo - Video player with JACK sync (debian)
  • ZS4 - advanced video editing and compositing software with over 150 built-in video effects. × ©
  • xdmx - distributed multihead X server
  • mistserver - Live or Video on Demand streaming media server that works well in any streaming environment
  • dvgrab - grab digital video data via IEEE1394 and USB links (debian)

3D Modeling/CGI

  • blender - Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer (debian)
  • aqsis - 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan(R) standard, binaries (debian)
  • Ayam - a free 3D modelling environment for the RenderMan interface. ×
  • EQUINOX-3D - The 3D modeler with the fastest, fully integrated ray-tracer. × ©
  • evolvotron - Generator of textures through interactive evolution (debian)
  • fractalnow - Fast, advanced fractal generator (debian)
  • fraqtive - draws Mandelbrot and Julia fractals (debian)
  • geomview - interactive geometry viewing program (debian)
  • javamorph - Java morphing film-make program for pixel picture-input (debian)
  • k3d - 3D modeling and animation system, binary files (debian)
  • makehuman - Modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters (debian)
  • mandelbulber - 3D fractal renderer and animator (debian)
  • meshlab - System for processing and editing triangular meshes (debian)
  • sunflow - rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis (GUI) (debian)
  • sweethome3d-furniture-editor - Sweet Home 3D Furniture Library Editor (debian)
  • sweethome3d-furniture-nonfree - Interior 2D design application with 3D preview (additional non-free furniture) (debian)
  • sweethome3d-furniture - Interior 2D design application with 3D preview (additional furniture) (debian)
  • sweethome3d-textures-editor - Sweet Home 3D Textures Library Editor (debian)
  • sweethome3d - Interior 2D design application with 3D preview (debian)
  • VSXu Artiste - create stunning open GL based audio reactive visuals.
  • VSXu Player - program that creates inspiring, beautiful pictures to your sound and music ×
  • wings3d - Nendo-inspired 3D polygon mesh modeller (debian)
  • yaprm - a free-as-in-freedom modeller to graphicaly design 3d scenes and generate POV-Ray-files for them.
  • fluxus - A 3D game engine for livecoding worlds into existence. ×
  • flumotion - modern streaming media server built with a modular distributed design, giving you stability and scalability in offering high-quality streaming media.


Signal processing/electronics

Score Editors

Media players


Linux Distributions

  • KXStudio - KXStudio is a collection of app

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