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Better whitespace highlighting for Vim

#Vim Better Whitespace Plugin

This plugin causes all trailing whitespace characters (spaces and tabs) to be highlighted. Whitespace for the current line will not be highlighted while in insert mode. It is possible to disable current line highlighting while in other modes as well (see options below). A helper function :StripWhitespace is also provided to make whitespace cleaning painless.

Here is a screenshot of this plugin at work: Example Screenshot

##Installation There are a few ways you can go about installing this plugin:

  1. If you have Vundle you can simply add: Plugin 'ntpeters/vim-better-whitespace' to your .vimrc file then run: :PluginInstall
  2. If you are using Pathogen, you can just run the following command: git clone git:// ~/.vim/bundle/vim-better-whitespace
  3. While this plugin can also be installed by copying its contents into your ~/.vim/ directory, I would highly recommend using one of the above methods as they make managing your Vim plugins painless.

##Usage Whitespace highlighting is enabled by default, with a highlight color of red.

  • To set a custom highlight color, just call:

    highlight ExtraWhitespace ctermbg=<desired_color>
  • To toggle whitespace highlighting on/off, call:

  • To disable highlighting for the current line in normal mode call:

    :CurrentLineWhitespaceOff <level>

    Where <level> is either hard or soft.

    • The level hard will maintain whitespace highlighting as it is, but may cause a slow down in Vim since it uses the CursorMoved event to detect and exclude the current line.

    • The level soft will use syntax based highlighting, so there shouldn’t be a performance hit like with the hard option. The drawback is that this highlighting will have a lower priority and may be overwritten by higher priority highlighting.

  • To re-enable highlighting for the current line in normal mode:

  • To clean extra whitespace, call:


    By default this operates on the entire file. To restrict the portion of the file that it cleans, either give it a range or select a group of lines in visual mode and then execute it.

  • To enable/disable stripping of extra whitespace on file save, call:


    This will strip all trailing whitespace everytime you save the file for all file types.

    • If you want this behaviour by default for all filetypes, add the following to your ~/.vimrc:

      autocmd BufWritePre * StripWhitespace

      For exceptions of all see g:better_whitespace_filetypes_blacklist.

    • If you would prefer to only stip whitespace for certain filetypes, add the following to your ~/.vimrc:

      autocmd FileType <desired_filetypes> autocmd BufWritePre <buffer> StripWhitespace

      where <desired_filetypes> is a comma separated list of the file types you want to be stripped of whitespace on file save ( ie. javascript,c,cpp,java,html,ruby ) Note that <buffer> is a keyword here denoting operation on the current buffer and should stay just as it appears in the line above.

  • To disable this plugin for specific file types, add the following to your ~/.vimrc:

    let g:better_whitespace_filetypes_blacklist=['<filetype1>', '<filetype2>', '<etc>']

    This replaces the filetypes from the default list of blacklisted filetypes. The default types that are blacklisted are:

    ['diff', 'gitcommit', 'unite', 'qf', 'help']

    If you do not want any of these filetypes unignored, simply include them in the blacklist:

    let g:better_whitespace_filetypes_blacklist=['<filetype1>', '<filetype2>', '<etc>',
                                            'diff', 'gitcommit', 'unite', 'qf', 'help']
  • To enable verbose output for each command, set verbosity in your .vimrc:

    let g:better_whitespace_verbosity=1

##Screenshots Here are a couple more screenshots of the plugin at work.

This screenshot shows the current line not being highlighted in insert mode: Insert Screenthot

This screenshot shows the current line not being highlighted in normal mode( CurrentLineWhitespaceOff hard ): Normal Screenshot

This screenshot shows that highlighting works fine for spaces, tabs, and a mixture of both: Tabs Screenshot

##Frequently Asked Questions Hopefully some of the most common questions will be answered here. If you still have a question that I have failed to address, please open an issue and ask it!

Q: Why is trailing whitespace such a big deal?

A: In most cases it is not a syntactical issue, but rather is a common annoyance among programmers.

Q: Why not just use listchars with SpecialKey highlighting?

A: I tried using listchars to show trail characters with SpecialKey highlighting applied. Using this method the characters would still show on the current line for me even when the SpecialKey foreground highlight matched the CursorLine background highlight.

Q: Okay, so listchars doesn’t do exactly what you want, why not just use a match in your vimrc?

A: I am using match in this plugin, but I’ve also added a way to exclude the current line in insert mode and/or normal mode.

Q: If you just want to exclude the current line, why not just use syntax-based highlight rather than using match and CursorMoved events?

A: Syntax-based highlighting is an option in this plugin. It is used to omit the current line when using CurrentLineWhitespaceOff soft. The only issue with this method is that match highlighing takes higher priorty than syntax highlighting. For example, when using a plugin such as Indent Guides, syntax-based highlighting of extra whitespace will not highlight additional white space on emtpy lines.

Q: I already have my own method of removing white space, why is the method used in this plugin better?

A: It may not be, depending on the method you are using. The method used in this plugin strips extra white space and then restores the cursor position and last search history.

Q: Most of this is pretty easy to just add to users’ vimrc files. Why make it a plugin?

A: It is true that a large part of this is fairly simple to make a part of an individuals configuration in their vimrc. I wanted to provide something that is easy to setup and use for both those new to Vim and others who don’t want to mess around setting up this functionality in their vimrc.

Q: Can you add indentation highlighting for spaces/tabs? Can you add highlighting for other types of white space?

A: No, and no. Sorry, but both are outside the scope of this plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to provide a better experience for showing and dealing with extra white space. There is already an amazing plugin for showing indentation in Vim called Indent Guides. For other types of white space highlighting, listchars should be sufficient.

Q: I have a better way to do something in this plugin. OR You’re doing something stupid/wrong/bad.

A: If you know of a better way to do something I am attempting in this plugin, or if I am doing something improperly/not reccomended then let me know! Please either open an issue informing me or make the changes yourself and open a pull request. If I am doing something that is bad or can be improved, I more than willing to hear about it!

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