Nayuki's EMAcs config

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+TITLE: NEMA - Nayuki's EMAcs config

+AUTHOR: Nyk Ma [email protected]

  • Description

A not-so-hurt-yet-still-make-kind-of-sense emacs configuration framework, c/w a set of packages.

  • Usage


cd ~ mv .emacs.d .emacs.d.old git clone .emacs.d emacs -nw


  • Hotkey cheatsheet

| Hotkey | Command | Location | Comment | |---------------+---------------------------------+-------------------+----------------------------------------------------| | =C-c g g= | =magit-status= | =nema-vcs.el= | Magit | | =C-c g b= | =magit-blame= | =nema-vcs.el= | =git blame= current buffer | | C-' | =avy-goto-char-timer= | =nema-basic.el= | Cursor jump to location | | =C->= | =mc/mark-next-like-this-symbol= | =nema-basic.el= | Multi cursor | | =C-c C-p TAB= | =neotree-toggle= | =nema-basic.el= | NeoTree | | =C-TAB= | =origami-show-only-node= | =nema-basic.el= | Code folding | | =M-o= | Common window functions | =nema-hydra.el= | Focus changing, window creation/deletion and so on | | =C-c & w= | =aya-create= | =nema-snippet.el= | Create and use a snippet when editing | | =C-M-o= | =ace-window= | =nema-basic.el= | Window switch |

  • Customize ** =customize-group= There is a customize group called =nema= to give you a few customization options. Remember to restart emacs if anything is changed.

    • =nema-emacs-completion-engine= :: Choose between =ivy=, =helm= and none. Default to =ivy=
    • =nema-use-lsp= :: Use LSP or not. Remember to follow toolchain installation instructions in language layer files. Default to =nil=.
    • =nema-theme= :: Choose one theme from given pre-defined themes list.
    • =nema-theme-style= :: Switch between dark and light mode of your theme (if supported). ** Besides There are many ways to hack this. You can
      1. Write your ELisp in =.emacs.d/my/.el=. They will be loaded after all =nema-= modules are loaded.
        • Your snippets will be saved and loaded in =.emacs.d/my/snippets/*/=. (See =nema-snippet.el=)
        • =.emacs.d/my/*/= is in =.gitignore= list. So you can save sensitive data (e.g. IRC login info or Mail account) or some machine-specific configs (e.g. if you have a HiDPI laptop and a workstation with normal DPI displays) without syncing across with VCS. (See =my-sample/*.el=)
      2. Fork me, then modify the =.emacs.d/nema/*.el= files (since it's yours now).
  • Known issues

    1. If it is run at its first time, make sure not to use =emacs --server=, since it may prompt you of Elisp-enabled themes. Use =emacs= or =emacs -nw= instead, and press =y= if prompted. When =.emacs.d/custom.el= is built, you can use server mode without problem.
    2. Something about LSP mode:
      • Ruby: First time you open a =.rb= file, the LSP server may not be started properly. You can switch to that file buffer and =M-x nema/lsp/restart-server= to make it work.
      • PHP: Same with ruby.
  • TODOs [1/3] ** TODO [2/3] Sample =my/= configs for:

    • [X] EXWM
    • [X] erc
    • [ ] WanderLust DONE =customize-group= CLOSED: [2018-08-13 一 17:04] TODO "Battery Save" mode switch when using LSP
  • Thanks to

  • [[][emacs-tw/emacs-101-beginner-survival-guide]] who gave me courage to build my very own config from scratch.

  • [[][kuanyui/.emacs.d]] and [[][purcell/emacs.d]] who provided a good project structure for reference.

  • [[][bbatsov/prelude]] who gave me ideas of how to do theme reloading properly.

  • [[][seagle0128/.emacs.d]] for almost all of LSP configs.

  • License GPLv3 for

    • Initialization and core files
    • Layer files (=nema-*.el=)
    • =my-sample/*.el=

    See =LICENSE= file

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