Cypher to SQL translation tool - (for Part II project)

Cypher to SQL Translator Tool - Reagan

version 4.0

Reagan v4.0 is a tool that will perform automatic translation of both graph schemas and graph queries in Neo4J and Cypher respectively, to a relational schema and relational query language (SQL). This is an individual project for the Part II Tripos of Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.


Schema Converter

  • Takes as input a dump from Neo4J shell.
  • This can be part-automated by running the following command: neo4jplay.bat -c dump > testD.txt (then type “dump” into the console, followed by enter). When the file “testD.txt” stops growing, the command prompt can be exited.
  • neo4jplay.bat = @echo off java -classpath "C:\Program Files\Neo4j CE 3.0.6\bin\neo4j-desktop-3.0.6.jar"
  • The current schema translator converts the dump to two relations at a minimum: nodes and edges. The translator will attempt to optimise, if possible, by creating smaller relations with fewer NULLs. A separate metadata file is also created containing all the possible labels of the node store.

Cypher parsing unit

Query translator unit

  • Maps the Cypher query input to an internal representation in Java.
  • This is then used to build up the SQL piece by piece.
  • Types of queries that can be modelled currently shown below.
  • Future improvements: refactor to cleaner looking code, allow for different representations to be translated against.

Output Module

  • Fills in two text files - one is the results from Neo4J based on the Cypher input; the other is the results from Postgres based on the SQL generated from the Cypher input.
  • Program outputs true/false depending on whether or not the files match.
  • NOTE: this is not wholly accurate due to the following issues: encoding differences, differences in ways that sorting occurs, treatment of NULL.
  • Thus, the files also contain an indicator at the bottom of the file as to how many records were returned. This is a quick way of checking that the translator was successful.
  • Future improvements: bug fixes.

Examples of queries that can be translated

MATCH (b) WHERE b.title = “Chicken Run” OR b.title = “Stuart Little” OR = “Ben Stiller” and = “Aardman Animations” RETURN b
MATCH (b) WHERE b.genre = “Action” AND b.version = 250 OR b.version = 240 AND b.runtime > 140 RETURN b
MATCH (n:Person:User) RETURN n.password
MATCH (n:Movie {studio:“Fine Line Features”}) RETURN n
MATCH (n:Movie {studio:“Fine Line Features”}) RETURN count(n)
MATCH (n:Movie {studio:“Fine Line Features”}) RETURN collect(n)
MATCH (n:Person:Actor) WHERE = “Natalie Portman” RETURN n.biography AS Bio
MATCH (n:Movie) RETURN DISTINCT n.genre ORDER BY n.genre ASC
MATCH (n:Person:Actor:Director) RETURN UNION ALL MATCH (n:User) RETURN
MATCH (u:User) WHERE u.login <> “a999” RETURN u.password ORDER BY u.password DESC SKIP 5 LIMIT 20
MATCH (a)-[*2..3]->(b) RETURN b
MATCH (a:User)-[*1..3]->(b:Movie) RETURN, b.title
MATCH (a)-[*2..3]->(b) RETURN b.title,
MATCH (a)-[*1..3]->(b) WHERE b.title = “Chicken Run” RETURN collect( AS AllNames
MATCH (a)-[*1..3]->(b) WHERE a.version < 200 AND b.title = “Chicken Run” OR b.title = “Stuart Little” RETURN a
MATCH (a)<-[*1..4]-(b) WHERE a.genre <> “Action” AND = “Jason Statham” RETURN a
MATCH (aa:Actor)-[:ACTS_IN]->(bb:Movie)<-[:DIRECTED]-(cc:Director) WHERE bb.title = “The Matrix” OR bb.title = “Titanic” RETURN DISTINCT ORDER BY
MATCH (a:Actor)-[:ACTS_IN]->(m:Movie) RETURN, count(m) AS movie_count LIMIT 10
MATCH (a:Actor)-[:ACTS_IN]->(m:Movie) WITH a, count(m) AS movie_count WHERE movie_count > 48 RETURN, movie_count ORDER BY movie_count DESC
MATCH (n:Actor:Director)-[:ACTS_IN]->(m:Movie {genre:“Horror”}) RETURN UNION MATCH (n:Actor:Director)-[:ACTS_IN]->(m:Movie {genre:“Drama”}) RETURN UNION MATCH (n:Actor:Director)-[:ACTS_IN]->(m:Movie {genre:“Horror”}) RETURN
MATCH (n:Actor:Director)-[:DIRECTED]->(m:Movie {genre:“Action”}) return m.title As TitleFilm, m.imdbId As IMDBRef
MATCH (a:Actor)-[r:ACTS_IN]->(b:Movie) WHERE b.title = “Love Actually” RETURN AS Role
CREATE (n:Person:Actor:Director {name:“Oliver Crawford”})-[:ACTS_IN]->(fe:Movie {title:“Amazing Days”, genre:“Comedy”})
MATCH (a:Person)-[:ACTS_IN]->(b:Movie {title:“Amazing Days”}) RETURN AS NewActorDirector
MATCH (n:Person:Actor:Director {name:“Oliver Crawford”}) DETACH DELETE n
MATCH (n:Movie {title:“Amazing Days”}) DETACH DELETE n
MATCH (m:Movie {genre:“Poor comedy…”})<-[:ACTS_IN]-(:Actor {name:“Jennifer Aniston”}) WITH collect(m) AS ms FOREACH (x in ms
MATCH (u:User {name:“Olliver”}) WITH collect(u) AS ms FOREACH (x in ms
MATCH (u:User {name:“Olliver”}) WITH collect(u) AS ms FOREACH (x in ms
MATCH (eng {language:“en”}) WITH collect(eng) AS ms FOREACH (x in ms

Instructions for Running

The properties file ( must first be set with the correct properties.

Run the .jar with the following parameters, depending on whether or not the schema needs to be translated first.

java -jar reaganV4_0.jar <-schema|-translate|-s|-t|-tc> <schemaFile|queriesFile> <databaseName> <-e|-p|-c>

Thus, if wishing to first convert the schema:

java -jar Reagan.jar -schema myDump.txt coolDatabase
java -jar Reagan.jar -s myDump.txt coolDatabase

If successful, queries can now be translated:

java -jar Reagan.jar -translate myQueries.txt coolDatabase

If you want the results of the queries to be outputted to a local file for inspection of the results, then use the -p flag:

java -jar Reagan.jar -translate myQueries.txt coolDatabase -p

To have the results emailed back:

java -jar Reagan.jar -translate myQueries.txt coolDatabase -e

The “myQueries.txt” should have each Cypher query on ONE LINE - adding a comment marker “//” to the start of the line will skip that query when the application is launched:

\\ will not run THIS line
MATCH (n)-->(m) RETURN m;

###Notes * Aliases may be used, but they cannot be the same as the field they are being an alias for. * Do not use the -p flag when the quantity of data being returned is large. It will not only be very slow, but will generally not be very good for the machine. * This tool has bugs! Be patient with it, stick to the queries listed above.

Visual representation of the toolchain.

Overview of toolchain

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