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The easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor in JavaScript.

iD - friendly JavaScript editor for OpenStreetMap

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  • iD is a JavaScript OpenStreetMap editor.
  • It’s intentionally simple. It lets you do the most basic tasks while not breaking other people’s data.
  • It supports all popular modern desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and IE11.
  • iD is not yet designed for mobile browsers, but this is something we hope to add!
  • Data is rendered with d3.js.


Come on in, the water’s lovely. More help? Ping jfire or bhousel on: * OpenStreetMap US Slack (#dev or #general channels) * OpenStreetMap IRC (, in #iD or #osm-dev or #osm) * OpenStreetMap dev mailing list


  • Node.js version 4 or newer
  • git for your platform
    • Note for Windows users:
    • Edit $HOME\.gitconfig:
      Add these lines to avoid checking in files with CRLF newlines
        autocrlf = input


Note: Windows users should run these steps in a shell started with “Run as administrator”. This is only necessary the first time so that the build process can create symbolic links.

To run the current development version of iD on your own computer:

  1. Create a local git clone of the project, then cd into the project folder
  2. Run npm install (this will run the prepublish script that builds everything)
  3. Run npm start
  4. Open http://localhost:8080/ in a web browser

For guidance on building a packaged version, running tests, and contributing to development, see


iD is available under the ISC License. See the file for more details.

Thank you

Initial development of iD was made possible by a grant of the Knight Foundation.

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package version
diacritics 1.3.0
lodash 4.17.4
marked 0.3.6
osm-auth 1.0.2
rbush 2.0.1
@mapbox/sexagesimal 1.0.0
@mapbox/togeojson 0.16.0
wmf-sitematrix 0.1.4
dev brfs 1.4.3
chai ^4.1.0
d3 4.10.0
ecstatic ^2.2.0
editor-layer-index osmlab/editor-layer-index.git#gh-pages
gaze ^1.1.1
eslint ^4.3.0
glob ^7.1.0
happen ^0.3.1
js-yaml ^3.9.0
jsonschema ^1.1.0
json-stable-stringify ^1.0.1
@mapbox/maki ^4.0.0
mapillary-js 2.6.0
minimist ^1.2.0
mocha ^3.4.0
mocha-phantomjs-core ^2.1.0
name-suggestion-index 0.1.1
npm-run-all ^4.0.0
phantomjs-prebuilt ~2.1.11
request ^2.81.0
rollup 0.45.2
rollup-plugin-commonjs 8.0.2
rollup-plugin-json 2.2.0
rollup-plugin-node-resolve 3.0.0
shelljs ^0.7.5
shx ^0.2.1
sinon ^2.3.0
sinon-chai ^2.12.0
smash 0.0
svg-sprite 1.3.7
uglify-js ^3.0.0
xml2js ^0.4.17
xmlbuilder ^9.0.1


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-   v1.8.3 zip tar
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-   v1.8.0 zip tar
-   v1.7.5 zip tar
-   v1.7.4 zip tar
-   v1.7.3 zip tar
-   v1.7.2 zip tar
-   v1.7.1 zip tar
-   v1.7.0 zip tar
-   v1.6.2 zip tar
-   v1.6.1 zip tar
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-   v1.3.10 zip tar