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Mobile/Web chess UI built with mithril.js, for

3 years after
Chessground in 3D mode

Chessground is the opensource chess UI developed for

It targets modern browsers, as well as mobile development using Cordova.



Chessground is designed to fulfill all web and mobile apps needs, so it is pretty featureful.

  • Fast. Uses virtual DOM; runs smoothly even on elder mobile phones
  • Small footprint: 12K gzipped (35K unzipped) including dependencies
  • Standalone, or composable as a mithril.js module
  • Entirely configurable and reconfigurable at any time
  • Styling with CSS: board and pieces can be changed by simply switching a class
  • Fluid layout: board can be resized at any time
  • Support for 3D pieces and boards
  • Full mobile support (touchstart, touchmove, touchend)
  • Move pieces by click
  • Move pieces by drag'n drop
    • minimum distance before drag
    • centralisation of the piece under the cursor
    • square target element for mobile
    • piece ghost
    • drop off revert or trash
  • Premove by click or drag
  • Animation of pieces: moving and fading away
  • Display last move, check, move destinations, and premove destinations
  • SVG drawing of circles and arrows on the board
  • Import and export positions in FEN notation
  • User callbacks
  • No chess logic inside: can be used for chess variations



npm install --save chessground


var Chessground = require("chessground");

var ground = Chessground(document.body, options);


All options are, well, optional.

  orientation: "white",   // board orientation (or view angle) "white" | "black"
  turnColor: "white",     // turn to play. "white" | "black"
  check: null,            // square currently in check "a2" | null
  lastMove: null,         // squares part of the last move ["c3", "c4"] | null
  selected: null,         // square currently selected "a1" | null
  coordinates: true,      // display board coordinates as square ::after elements
  viewOnly: false,        // don't bind events: the user will never be able to move pieces around
  minimalDom: false,      // don't use square elements. Optimization to use only with viewOnly
  disableContextMenu: false
  highlight: {
    lastMove: true,       // add last-move class to squares
    check: true,          // add check class to squares
    dragOver: true        // add drag-over class to square when dragging over it
  animation: {
    enabled: true,        // enable piece animations, moving and fading
    duration: 200,        // animation duration in milliseconds
  movable: {
    free: true,           // all moves are valid - board editor
    color: "both",        // color that can move. "white" | "black" | "both" | null
    dests: {},            // valid moves. {a2: ["a3", "a4"], b1: ["a3", "c3"]} | null
    dropOff: "revert",    // when a piece is dropped outside the board. "revert" | "trash"
    showDests: true,      // add the move-dest class to squares
    events: {
                          // called after the move has been played
      after: function(orig, dest, metadata) {}
  premovable: {
    enabled: true,        // allow premoves for color that can not move
    showDests: true,      // add the premove-dest class to squares
    current: null         // keys of the current saved premove ["e2", "e4"] | null
      events: {
                          // called after the premove has been set
        set: function(orig, dest) {},
                          // called after the premove has been unset
        unset: function() {}
  draggable: {
    enabled: true,        // allow moves & premoves to use drag'n drop
    distance: 3,          // minimum distance to initiate a drag, in pixels
    squareTarget: false,  // display big square target; intended for mobile
    centerPiece: true,    // center the piece on cursor at drag start
    showGhost: true,      // show ghost of piece being dragged
  selectable: {
    enabled: true         // disable to enforce dragging over click-click move
  drawable: {
    enabled: true         // enable SVG circle and arrow drawing on the board
  events: {
    change: function() {},   // called after the situation changes on the board
    // called after a piece has been moved.
    // capturedPiece is null or like {color: 'white', 'role': 'queen'}
    move: function(orig, dest, capturedPiece) {},
    select: function(key) {} // called when a square is selected


There are a few functions you can call on a Chessground instance:


// reconfigure the instance. Accepts all options mentioned above (bar "viewOnly" & "minimalDom").
// board will be animated accordingly, if animations are enabled.

// sets the king of this color in check
// if no color is provided, the current turn color is used

// change the view angle

// perform a move programmatically
ground.move("e2", "e4");

// add and/or remove arbitrary pieces on the board
ground.setPieces({a1: null, c5: {color: "black", role: "queen"}});

// play the current premove, if any

// cancel the current premove, if any

// cancel the current move being made

// cancels current move and prevent further ones


// get the view angle
var orientation = ground.getOrientation();

// get pieces on the board
// {a1: {color: "white", role: "rook"}, b1: {color: "white", role: "knight"}}
var pieces = ground.getPieces();

// get the material difference between white and black
// {white: {pawn: 3 queen: 1}, black: {bishop: 2}}
var diff = ground.getMaterialDiff();

// get the current FEN position
// rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR
var fen = ground.getFen();

// get the current orientation
var orientation = ground.getOrientation();



npm install

Then open examples/index.html in your browser. The examples are non exhaustive, but feel free to try things out by editing index.html.

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