jQuery and Wordpress plugins for infinite scroll

Infinite Scroll With History

This is an extension of Paul Irish’s Infinite Scroll project. This adds History API integration into it. The history API is relatively new and is supported by most new browsers, but not all. See for more detail.

####What works#### * Scrolling down updates the url with the page * Scrolling up after scrolling down also updates the url properly (decrements page number) * New Jasmine Test Library

####What doesn’t work#### * Wordpress plugin does not have History API * Minimized version is the original Infinite Scroll project code still

####On my todo list#### * Update docs to include new params * When first requested page is 2+, load previous pages above the content div * Add option for page 1’s url to be bare * Stop physically including Jasmine and Jasmine-jquery jars in this project

##Jasmine## * Specs are located in test/jasmine/spec/suites and the fixtures are in test/jasmine/spec/javascripts/fixtures * To run them, open your local test/jasmine/SpecRunner.html in your browser

#Paul Irish’s Original Infinite Scroll Documentation#

The jQuery and Wordpress Plugins:

As of version 2.0, option names have changed. Here is a list:

  loading: {
    finished: undefined,
    finishedMsg: "<em>Congratulations, you've reached the end of the internet.</em>",
    img: "",
    msg: null,
    msgText: "<em>Loading the next set of posts...</em>",
    selector: null,
    speed: 'fast',
    start: undefined
  state: {
    isDuringAjax: false,
    isInvalidPage: false,
    isDestroyed: false,
    isDone: false, // For when it goes all the way through the archive.
    isPaused: false,
    currPage: 1
  callback: undefined,
  debug: false,
  behavior: undefined,
  binder: $(window), // used to cache the selector
  nextSelector: "div.navigation a:first",
  navSelector: "div.navigation",
  contentSelector: null, // rename to pageFragment
  extraScrollPx: 150,
  itemSelector: "",
  animate: false,
  pathParse: undefined,
  dataType: 'html',
  appendCallback: true,
  bufferPx: 40,
  errorCallback: function () { },
  infid: 0, //Instance ID
  pixelsFromNavToBottom: undefined,
  path: undefined

In addition, you can pause infinite scroll to stop it from triggering, and later resume it.


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