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the world's smallest (995 bytes) CSS framework

2 years after


a tiny framework that makes websites pretty

Written in LESS and Sass, compiled to CSS.

Congratulations 100th stargazer Matthew (@tropicalmug)


995 bytes minified and gzipped.


Works with IE5.5 and onward, as well as all other major browsers. Check out the docs for exact support data.

Of course, modern browsers give you pretty transitions and rounded corners.


Check out the (beta) Min -> Bootstrap converter. http://mincss.com/bootstrapconverter.html


MIT licensed.


We encourage you to contribute anything you can to Min. If you have an idea for a new feature, open a new issue with the Enhancement tag.

If you want to contribute code:

  1. Fork Min
  2. You can edit either the Sass or LESS files.
    • DO NOT change any of the compiled files, either by using build.sh or by editing them manually.
    • Min uses tabs, all lowercase, and is liberal with spacing. Use this style.
    • Don't skimp on spaces to save space - the YUI compressor does this automatically.
  3. Submit a pull request. If you can (or if relevant), include the size of Min (minified and gzipped) before and after your changes, and take screenshots of what changed.

Building the latest Min

WARNING! This will build the latest, pre-release version of Min. It may be broken. If you want to use an already-built Min, it's available in the file entireframework.min.css as well as through the downloads page.

You must have lessc (to compile the LESS, obviously) and Java (to run YUI compressor) installed.

bash build.sh

World's smallest? Really?

TL;DR Min really is the world's smallest CSS framework, however you slice it.

We personally feel that the criteria for "world's smallest CSS framework" are buttons, inputs, navbars, tables, icons, grids, headings, and standardization of these elements across the "Big 5" browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.) Of course, your criteria for what a CSS framework is are likely to be different, and thus you are encouraged to (on the Downloads page) download whatever parts you feel to be relevant. No matter what you select (and what you compare Min to) Min will be smaller. Thus, Min really is the world's smallest CSS framework, no matter your criteria for what a CSS framework is.

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Thanks to @browserstack and @saucelabs for providing free unlimited browser testing.

If you would like to sponsor Min, contact Owen Versteeg: [email protected]

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