ActiveRecord plugin for versioning your models. includes effective start and end dates and methods to make it easy to search on them

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This is a clone of the acts_as_versioned git project. I am in the process of adding in temporal logic.

It stores the effective_start and effective_end dates of records so that the version history can be searched for what happened at an exact point in history.

Below is the details for acts_as_versioned which still works today.

= acts_as_temporal

This library adds simple versioning to an ActiveRecord module. ActiveRecord is required. as well as temporal capabilities

It will set timestamps for the effectivity of a record.

on initial create the versioned record

the effective_start field will be set to current time or to whatever effective_date method is set to. the effective_end field will be set to max integer which is some time in the year 2038 (another y2k but waiting to happen)

on update the versioned record

the previous version record's effective_end field will be set to the current time or to whatever effective_date method is set to.
the new versioned record will act like the initial create

It turns all fields into integers for easier quering

This can be converted by and back with

version | effective_start | effective_end 1 | 1221627600 | 1222405201 2 | 1222405201 | 2147483202

so this allows you to write a between query on the version table to find what the state was at a point in time.

VersionedModel.find(:all, :conditions => ["effective_start <= ? AND effective_end > ?", point_in_time, point_in_time])

the model looks the same as acts_as_versioned except I added the following

t.column effective_start, :integer t.column effective_end, :integer

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  • ./script/plugin install git://

More details on approach

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