Copy externally generated data into Maltego through the clipboard.

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Note: See for an improved approach.

Maltego and Casefile supports copying and pasting of GraphML. The aim of this project to ease the task of generating valid GraphML with Maltego's special needs from various dataformats.

Download the file maltego-importer.jar if you don't want to build the source yourself. You'll need to have Java 6 or higher installed.

Input format: Header based CSV

GangMember, Male, Female, LawOfficer
Jon Doe,Some random guy,Some lady,Policeman

Input format: Value based CSV


Source type, Source value, Target type, Target value, Edge label


GangMember, Jon Doe,   Male,       Some random guy, Shoots
Female,     Some lady, Male,       Some random guy, Sees
Female,     Some lady, LawOfficer, Policeman,       Calls
LawOfficer, Policeman, Male,       Some random guy, Helps
LawOfficer, Policeman, GangMember, Jon Doe,         Arrests

Supported entity types are listed in MaltegoEntity.

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