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Android Game Boy Emulator written in Java

3 years after GPL-3.0

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Android Game Boy Emulator written in Java. This project is under development.

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Build the project

From the IDE:

  • Import the project in Android Studio or IntelliJ.
  • Run the app module.

From the command line:

  • To build the project including tests execution and the checkstyle: ./gradlew checkstyle build.
  • To build the project and deploy it in your device or emulator: `./gradlew installDebug

Already implemented tasks:

  • CPU - Z80 Intel processor version.
  • MMU - Memory Management Unit.
  • CPU ISA - Instruction set used by the Z80 processor.
  • Game Loader. Loads the content of a ROM into the MMU.
  • LCD - A 160 x 144 pixels LCD.
  • GPU - Part of the LCD implementation.
  • BIOS execution. The current project is already able to execute the Game Boy BIOS routine.

Pending tasks:

  • Keypad.
  • Interruptions.
  • GPU sprites.
  • Timer.
  • Memory Banking.
  • Sound.
  • Android UI.
  • Android Room selector.

Do you want to contribute?

Please, do it. This project is still under development and I have a few issues waiting for your help :) Send me an email if you need some information or help with any issue.

Libraries used in this project

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Copyright 2014 Pedro Vicente Gómez Sánchez

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you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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